5 Easy Employee Engagement Ideas

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Finding creative ways to thank and encourage employees can often feel like a job in itself, especially with large companies dedicating major resources to building company culture. Boosting employee morale can be as simple as a thank you shout-out at a meeting, or as extravagant as fancy parties and flashy gifts. For something a little more in the middle, here are 5 EASY EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT IDEAS you can implement today at your workplace.

Employee Engagement

1. Healthy Snacks

As healthy eating becomes more and more sought-after, providing options at work can be a great way to boost employee morale. From a bountiful fruit basket to a healthy cafeteria, you can scale the level of healthy food solutions to your company’s size and budget. More nutritious food can have the longer-term impact, too, as it can lower overall healthcare costs as healthier employees are more engaged and productive. Boost that immunity!

2. Health Perks

Aside from healthy eating, a big movement in company culture is promoting fitness and activity. From a discounted gym membership to an on-site gym, you can provide employees with access to a fitness facility to sweat it out and reduce stress. Another option is to offer access to a health consultant to tailor solutions to the employee’s specific needs. Or also to arrange for group classes for team building, such as yoga or kick boxing.

3. Rewards

An employee rewards program is a great way to rally your team around goals and celebrate achievements. Set on an individual basis, or also for the collective department (or company), accomplishments can be rewarded with incentives that encourages some healthy competition in the workplace. While goals should be challenging and growth-focused, they should also be attainable and commemorated in a timely way. A great option is to provide premium apparel, like branded Under Armour and other name brand promotional products.

4. Insider Knowledge

Employees, particularly those with more years under their belts, likely feel a responsibility for the growth and direction of their company. Making them privy to “insider” information about the path and plan for their department and the company overall is a great way to get buy-in (and even ask for input). Trusting your employees with information encourages the reciprocation of trust from them, too, and empowers them to face the workday with a positive outlook.

5. Motivation

Another popular option for fostering employee engagement is to bring in a motivational speaker or coach who can rev up your team with their perspective. The team can prepare for the session by reading the speaker’s books, mapping out key topics to cover, and reflect on workplace motivation. While many companies focus on profitability and productivity in a black-and-white sense, infusing motivational methods into the workplace can help employees to feel more fulfilled and strive for that work-life balance.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your employee and company achievements, be sure to always step back and acknowledge the hard work that went in to the success. Providing an employee rewards system to help you manage a recognition program can be easy and quick to set up through an online company store.

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