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Regardless of your marketing program type, online stores are a comprehensive solution to many challenges. What kind of marketing program are we talking about?  Here are some examples, but not limited to.

A company store streamlines and automates accessibility to PRE-APPROVED marketing assets throughout large organizations.  We will review the most important benefits and ‘Best Practices’ that sets the standard at Proforma SI.

Maintains complete control of the brand:  Ensures adherence to logo/brand guidelines 100% of the time.  Size, colour, font and positioning and placement.

               Best Practice:  It is part of our process to learn the brand guidelines inside and out. Then we produce sew out’s for each logo and all the acceptable variations for client review.  Once approved, we create artwork specifications templates and distribute to all program partners.

Protects brand integrity: putting your brand on quality products to protect the integrity of your brand and what it represents.

                Best Practice:  We believe in elevating brands, that once a product is imprinted with a company logo, it becomes an ambassador for the brand.  Therefore, we recommend high quality products and take it really seriously.   It takes years to build a brand and 5 minutes to ruin it. 

Streamlines and provides efficiency:  reduces or eliminates administrative strain on employees so they can focus on core objectives. Sourcing marketing materials requires time, unproductive to your bottom line. 

                 Best Practice: When you choose Proforma SI as your online company store provider – you get more than products.  You get automated systems and a fully dedicated team. 

Eliminates rogue or unauthorized spending: built in approval levels completely eliminates this risk. Permission based access, budgets and spending accounts provide a flexible solution.

                Best Practice:  Our team manages and maintains the stores so you don’t have to.  For example, staff changes; adding or deleting users,  approval rules, training sessions. 

Cost savings associated with centralized purchasing.  Discounts based on total annual spend .

               Best Practice:  As one of the largest distributors in the industry we offer ‘program pricing’ for our online store clients.  Our purchasing power is based on a billion $ spend with the best manufacturers/suppliers in the business.  Product /workmanship is fully backed, no questions asked.  Program pricing also means that our clients will benefit from discounts associated with annual spend, regardless of the quantities ordered.

Automated 24/7 access:  Online access means teams are empowered to get what they need when they need it.

Variable Print/Product Options:  Produce product with custom information such as address, name, contact information.  Perfect for multi locations and franchises.

No upfront investment associated with inventory:  Production processes have improved vastly over the last few years making it unnecessary to purchase large upfront inventory in the majority of cases.  Typical turn time 4-5 business days.  Many product options can be rushed and ready to ship in 24 hours.  This results in a complete elimination of warehousing,fulfillment, pick/pack fees.

Best Practice:  We create a RUSH category of items that can be turned around in 24 hours for those emergency situations.  We create additional product options and questions specifically to deal with a tight timeline.  For example : Colour choice #1 and Colour choice #2.  If expedited AIR is required to meet the in-hands date – do we have your approval to do so?

No waste associated with obsolete materials:  Goods are produced on demand, so there is no waste due to information, brand changes.

Best Practice: Of all the programs that we manage a very small percentage have some component of warehoused inventory.  Some products are not ‘on-demand friendly’ for example complex multi-part forms.  We are experts in on-demand which has huge cost saving advantages.

Global Distribution: Regardless of where teams are located we have the global presence needed.

                Best Practice: Our global presence means that regardless of where our clients need marketing materials shipped, we’ve got it covered.  Marketing and sales kits, custom packaging, drop ship lists, multiple currencies is not a problem for us.

Vendor consolidation:  Print, Promotional, Apparel, Tradeshow Booths/materials, Signage, Kitting, Packaging.  Often product from all categories above overlap to complete a project.  

               Best Practice: One point of contact for total project management. Our tagline: One Source.  Infinite Resources.  Saves time,  money and headaches.

The bottom line

Online company stores can offer your staff and partners the flexibility they want, while giving you the control you need.  We have a proven track record of over 700 online company stores managing over 21,000 orders monthly.   

Before you begin planning, download our free tip sheet “10 Things You Should Know Before Building An Online   Company Store”.


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