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Digital marketing services is a term that most business owners have heard being thrown around, but if you were to ask someone what it meant, they might have trouble concisely giving you an answer. The truth is that these services aren’t really all that different from traditional marketing tactics.

To put it simply, digital marketing services are designed to attract leads, create brand awareness, and build a positive public image–all while using the technologies that we have come to rely on today. It’s the most efficient way to market a product or service using modern outlets that will allow your business to be successful both now and in the future. If that doesn’t answer your question, let’s elaborate a bit:

What do digital marketing services encompass?

Basically anything that helps you build your brand while using digital technologies can be considered a digital marketing service. Here are a few examples to help you paint an accurate picture:

  • Inbound Marketing uses strategies that help attract leads straight to your business. It’s the opposite of cold-calling or hard-selling, and more often than not, this type of marketing brings businesses clients who they can maintain beneficial, long-term relationships with, as the process of acquiring these clients is more organic. Effective inbound marketing allows end-users to easily discover your business and then naturally guides them through the process of actually converting. Inbound marketing can include:
      • Helping businesses’ websites appear more visible in search engines using sustainable and ethical SEO (tactics include link-building, content marketing, website optimization, etc.)
      • Creating deeper engagement and brand awareness with both existing and prospective clients with unique social media campaigns
      • Developing strategic email marketing opportunities that are designed to target a specific, sought-after clientbase
      • Utilizing calls-to-action in a way that makes the end-user intrigued to learn more about a specific product or service
  • Multimedia Production works to combine different digital elements (text, video, audio, etc.) to present your business in a captivating and attractive manner. This usually is in regards to videos, and when done right, multimedia allows you to further cultivate the identity of your brand, create convenient options for clients and employees, and stand out from your competitors. Multimedia has served companies well when they’ve created:
      • Training videos for new employees
      • Company videos that explain what the brand stands for and represents
      • Advertising campaigns that generate interest in a service or product
      • How-to/whiteboard videos that offer advice or solutions to clients’ issues (This often is an excellent way to get shares on social media channels.)
  • Brand Management is the term used for creating a positive, strong relationship between a company and the consumer. In order to gather a strong following, your brand has to appeal to your target audience on a personal level. It’s a true statement that clients don’t only buy your products or services; they have to buy you as well. Digital services for brand management typically include:
    • Creating a memorable, eye-catching logo design
    • Developing complex, creative promotional ideas that will create a strong bond between you and future clients
    • Assembling a clear brand identity that will strategically cater towards the demographics of your outlined clientbase as well as establish your credibility and trustworthiness as a company–this will clearly read through on your website, through your promotional materials, etc.

Why are they so vital to your brand’s success?

Now that you know a little bit more about what digital marketing services actually include, why are they such a crucial part of a business’s success? The answer is pretty straightforward: we are quickly and surely transforming into a digital society. It’s the same reason why it’s unrealistic for someone to start a business without simultaneously building a website.

The professional world runs online, and businesses would be lost without all of the various technologies that we use to sell items, seek out services, keep track of data, send information, and yes, market ourselves. Technology certainly isn’t going anywhere, and your business’s future will be much brighter if you hop on board now.   

How do I find the right partner to help me boost my business?

If you understand the importance of creating a strong digital presence for your brand, you may be wondering how to find the provider who can best serve your needs. There are many potential partners out there, and like any smart investment, you want to feel secure in your decision before you fully commit. To help you on your journey, here are a few tips to keep in mind when seeking out digital marketing services:

  • Research, research, research. Always read reviews and testimonials from various platforms before making a final decision on a company. If there are many gripes and complaints from dissatisfied consumers, it’s safe to bet that you should keep on looking.
  • Consult with the company about your unique needs. Some digital marketers may be more skilled in SEO, whereas others may be excellent in multimedia production. While it would be ideal to find someone who can handle all of your needs, it’s best to inquire about the specifics of what you personally are hoping to achieve early on.  
  • Guage the company’s creativity and professionalism. During your consultation, do the representatives you’re speaking with seem professional and knowledgeable when answering your questions? Do they seem to bring new ideas to the table? An effective marketing team should always be pushing innovation, not simply rehashing old tactics.
  • Ask the company to create a three-month plan. Before a company sends you a proposal, ask specifically for a three-month outline of what they intend to do. Marketing is not an overnight venture, and real professionals should be pitching you what steps they intend to make in order to reach your goals so that you have an accurate idea of what to expect during the first wave of your campaign.

Hopefully you leave this article with a better understanding of what digital marketing services are, how they work to help your business, why they are so vital, and how to find a provider that won’t disappoint. Here at Proforma SI, we work hard to help all of our clients take their businesses to entirely newfound levels of success, and if you’d like to learn more about how we can truly amplify your brand, we’d love to chat!

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