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How do you know if a promotional marketing campaign is successful?

When a recipient opens up a mailer or package and is immediately engaged.  The person is motivated to interact with the brand and eventually makes a purchase.  For example, an interactive multimedia campaign that both educates and entertains a target audience certainly fulfills that goal.  Here are a few industry favorites.

Campaign Goal: Demonstrate Creativity


  • Custom made “Fragile – Handle with Care” box.
  • A logoed, Valentine’s Day themed rubber ducky.
  • A mini TV – vCard that played a commercial on a constant loop.


Three hundred pieces were ordered, however they did not go out as a mass mailer but were carefully selected to go to certain prospects.  This mailer wasn’t cheap, the vCard along costing $25.00 per piece, but the campaign resulted in 27 new customers. 

Campaign Goal: Holiday – Customer Loyalty

One client decided to break old traditions of chocolate and candy and opted towards one of the biggest trends these days “personalization”.  So they decided to build an online company store to let their clients choose their own gift.  The store was set up with 3 price levels of gifts to meet all their needs. For those clients with strict gift policies, food towers were included – gifts shared with entire departments are widely accepted.




Eighty-five clients participated in the holiday gift program.  The response was extremely positive and resulted in a three-year contract and a six-figure order.

Campaign Goal: Product Launch for TV network for romantic soap opera

The custom packaging had a glossy imprint of a butterfly and on the wing it said “This one’s a keeper”, inside the box an information card with this message “Love is on the air – now you can set millions of hearts aflutter”, tying back to the romance of a soap opera.  The cost for each piece – approximately $40.


  • Battery-operated butterfly – powered to flutter when touched
  • Logo etched mason jar
  • Custom packaging
  • Printed information card

Campaign Goal: New Business (Top of Mind) for Manufacturer of presentation folders

Annual campaign designed to showcase a creative side and drum up sales.  The campaign was built around a Halloween theme and Edgar Allen Poe’s famed poem “The Raven.” A presentation folder was mailed out in a custom box with a printed custom poem around the company’s products and services.  A promo code coupon is printed on the pen.


  • Presentation Folder
  • Custom printed poem
  • Logo’d Pen with promo code
  • Coffee Mug filled with M&M’s
  • Dark Gray shirt with large black raven on the back


The mailer was sent out to 11,000 prospects and customers.  The response was 93 new orders were received totaling over $102,000.  Mid-July the phone starts ringing from customers that want to make sure they are on the mailing list for the annual Halloween campaign.

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