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Batman’s True Super Power and Brand Management

With all the superhero movies around at the moment, maybe it’s time to look at one of the most popular superhero’s.


I’m tBatmanalking about Batman and his true super power.

Not his physical fitness, gadgets, not his martial arts skills and Batmobile.

Rather his brand identity.

It’s Batman’s branding that enables him to support the police and more importantly strike fear into the cowardly and superstitious hearts of criminals.

When the criminal see’s the Batmobile and Batman in his distinctive Bat suit with Bat Logo, he knows he can expect to take a sound beating and go to prison.When Commissioner Gordon fires up the Bat Signal, he knows Batman, not Superman or  Iron man will turn up.

Now imagine if Batman chose to replace the  Bat Signal with a picture of a pigeon or Batman’s Bat Logo was replaced by a picture of a cat.Cat
Criminals wouldn’t be scared of him, they wouldn’t know who he was; the police wouldn’t know Batman was coming assist them in apprehending the crooks.pigeon

His powers would be gone.

The great thing about brand awareness as a super power is its one you can have and in fact you’ve probably got it right now.   You too can feel like a super hero and maybe become a billionaire like Batman’s alter ego, Bruce Wayne.

The problem is the battle to keep brand identity coherent is like Batman’s battle against crime; it’s an ongoing battle.

And the bigger and more successful you get, the harder it is to keep your identity together.  Your branch in Singapore starts printing their version of your flyers; the one in Birmingham gets a local company to produce their version of your standard uniform Gillette.  Each time that powerful message of who you are getting more and more diluted.

Why not provide your franchises and branches an automated method to receive pre-approved marketing assets 24/7?

StoresThat’s where On line Company Stores comes in. Centralized purchasing allows you to leverage pricing, track spending and control costs.

It’s like when Batman decided to stop calling himself Pigeon man and fighting crime from a bicycle and rebranded himself as Batman and bought the Batmobile.

He used a coherent, brand identity to fight crime and pursue justice.  You too can use a coherent brand identity to fight crime and pursue justice.  Well, you can certainly use it to maintain brand identity and pursue effective supply savings throughout your company.

But the benefits go much further than that.  Having an ecommerce or on-line company store provides the following advantages.

  • Gain full control of brand management.
  • Gain control over spending and leverage purchasing power of a $450 million $ partner.
  • Improve the workflow to provide retail-like shopping experience.
  • A permission-based tool allowing end users to order, manage, report, and pay for the products they need *this eliminates rogue or unauthorized spending.
  • Reduces administrative strain, frees up time to focus on activities that directly affect the company’s bottom line.

What kinds of products can be included? Our eCommerce sites support all types of product.

  • Print collateral like sales brochures and presentation folders.
  • Business forms.
  • Variable printed products (custom contact information such as business cards).
  • Promotional products.
  • Company uniforms or corporate apparel.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • What are your goals, concerns and challenges relating to purchasing print, promotional, uniforms and making those assets accessible to your teams?
  • Is there room to improve the current process?
  • If we could bring value above and beyond transactional, would this be of benefit to your company or department?

Do opportunities exist for you to become the hero by streamlining purchasing across your company’s departments?

Need more convincing?

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