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When you think about your company or department’s performance, you may think about your latest sale or milestone with total pride and satisfaction. But do your employees have that same reaction?

Perhaps your company has gone through a merger or acquisition, and you suddenly find yourself with a team of new faces (or, unfortunately, a team with fewer faces). But are you aware of their stress and anxieties – and how that impacts job performance?

Employee morale is a concept that can feel vague or fluffy, but it is actually quite critical to the success and performance of a team and company. Low employee morale can cause low productivity, incite turmoil, and tidal wave turnover (all of which can quickly impact your company’s bottom line). So how do you boost employee morale and protect your productivity?


Taking the time to recognize wins (big and small) across a team or company can help to build a positive bond, inspiring employees to take pride in their work contributions. Mary came in under budget, Tim landed a new deal, Steve updated the filing system – celebrate the good that the team does not just for the company overall, but for their peers. Offering an awards or recognition program can easily be done through an online company store that minimizes the amount of “management” time required to set up and administer it. So moving to this type of digital recognition program can help to turn around employee morale quickly. 


Work-life balance is a heavily discussed topic in the HR and management worlds, but it’s one that also affects your employees on a day-to-day basis. A company may often “forget” that their employees have a life beyond their cubicle walls, so consider finding ways to help your employees feel fulfilled beyond work. Offering time to participate in volunteering, or providing support for other pursuits (like donations, mentorship or coaching) are ways that can help to boost morale. Feeling empowered to pursue their passions and interests can help an employee to appreciate their company, and bring back the positivity they’re building outside its walls.


Aside from a rewards and recognition program, there are also ways to bring inspiration into the workplace by building a shared interest in personal and professional development. Finding a management guru to share with your team via books or podcasts (or even in person!) can be a way to pool inspiration and spark motivation. Aligning together as a group multiplies the power of inspiration and supercharges employee morale, so browse your local bookstore to see what the latest non-fiction trend is and consider introducing the challenge to your team.

Employee morale can make or break your company’s performance. Finding ways to increase through awards and recognition programs is critical to strengthening your company from the inside out. Talk to us to find out more about how an online company store can help to take the set up and management of such a program off your plate.

The Bottom Line

Boost employee morale with rewards and recognition programs.  

What’s Next?

Learn more about ProformaSI and our Rewards and Recognition Programs which improves employee engagement, morale and drives business results.  We deliver marketing programs via Online Company Stores.  Increase efficiency, maintain control and cut costs.  The best part is that you set it and forget it.  

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