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Sirota Consulting has been conducting on-going studies about employee motivation for over ten years in more than 89 countries. In their studies, they found that only 51% of workers are satisfied with the recognition they receive after a job well done.

In further studies, researchers have found that a combination of reward and recognition, tied directly to company goals and values, results in increased worker productivity, job satisfaction and customer satisfaction.

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Every employee motivation program is unique as they are tied directly to the company and their staff, but there are several key identifying factors that contribute to an overall successful program.

4 Key Elements to a Successful Employee Motivation Program

Keep Company Goals and Values at the Forefront of Employee Motivation

Employees who feel valued and trusted within their organization tend to do better work and strive to make improvements without being asked. Clearly communicate company-wide goals and individual team goals on a regular basis and encourage employees to ask questions and provide feedback. The more transparent you are, the more engaged your employees are, and, the more productive your organization as whole will be.

Always Recognize Good Work in the Moment

Your employees want to be recognized for their hard work!

When you notice a certain employee going above and beyond the call of duty, actively working to improve a process or providing exceptional customer service, don’t let it go unnoticed! Thank the employee immediately, in the moment, and be sure to tell him/her exactly what behavior it was that earned the recognition.

If you have an employee rewards program in place, this is a great time to offer a reward like a gift card, a certificate, or points towards purchasing company apparel or other redeemable merchandise.

Employee to employee recognition with e-cards, social posts, badges or ‘success stories’ is an easy way to give praise without points. This non-monetary appreciation fosters a positive work environment, teamwork and collaboration. Another benefit of our social recognition wall is that ‘moments’ are captured on the spot when it has the most impact. Managers can add points to the employees successes as they are shared, amplifying the specific behaviours they want to drive.

Continually Communicate Rewards Program Goals and Instruction

An employee rewards, recognition and/or incentive program is only successful if your employees know how to earn rewards. Clearly communicate your program’s goals and milestones often in meetings, emails and on posters throughout the office.

Instructions for earning rewards should be easy to understand and follow for all employees. Ask your marketing team to help create posters, infographics, videos, newsletters, etc. to communicate instructions and goals in a variety of formats.

Be sure to check in with individuals in 1:1 meetings, status reports and in passing to ensure everyone understands how to work towards rewards. This regular communication will help you build trust with your employees and improve workplace morale.

Never Stop Improving Your Rewards Program

As your business goals change and new employees join your team, you must make adjustments in your employee rewards program. It is recommended you make adjustments every 12-15 months, and whenever there is a shift in your organization’s vision, milestones or policies.

Be proactive in your planning and always include discussion about your rewards program when discussing company changes. Be sure to vary your rewards often to keep employees interested. And, of course, make sure all changes are clearly communicated to all employees.

Tools to Increase Employee Engagement

Increasing employee engagement takes patience and understanding of your unique employees, but with the help of an all-in-one engagement platform and a dedicated success team, it can be done systematically.

Technology has improved so many things in the workplace, but it has truly transformed employee engagement! Moreover, technology makes it possible to manage all employee programs on one platform. Everyday recognition, awards/rewards, anniversary milestones, safety, wellness, company values and gamification all enhance incentive programs. We have built the platform to be flexible so we can accommodate a wide range of client needs without compromise. Read on for some examples of program flexibility.

Rewards Malls

Our Online rewards mall offers thousands of name brand gift options as well as digital and physical gift card solutions for the most popular retail stores. Employees can choose to trade-in their points for physical gifts like a new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer or a gift card to their favorite store or even select branded company apparel like a new rain jacket.

Rewards never expire and redemption of points is quick and easy. Now doesn’t that seem like a dream come true?

API Integrations

Our all-in-one platform can stand alone or it can integrate seamlessly with your POS, CRM, LMS and HRIS for easy data sharing to track activity and control reward spend. Configurable reports allow management to view and analyze program activity. Global capabilities include language translation, parity, and international fulfillment. Technology really does take the complication and guesswork out of complex employee recognition programs!

Easy Contest/Promotion Builder

Who has time to spend weeks building a single contest or promotion? Get your ideas off the ground quickly with the administrator module using a simple web form that makes it easy for busy managers to quickly build out multiple promotions and contests to engage their teams. Don’t worry, our success team is happy to set them up for you if you are pressed for time.

Single Sign-On & Security

We know your employees have too many usernames and passwords already, so we’re happy not to add to that list. Each user will receive a unique username and password. Each login will have permissions assigned that will dictate the content and functionality available to them.

Online Team Engagement

Badging and gamification within the all-in-one platform make work more fun and encourages real time social recognition to grow company culture. Employees can send messages to other employees, comment on progress towards goals and motivate each other through friendly competition and encouragement.

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reports make it easy to track program success, assess ROI and see individual team and/or employee progress towards goals.

You’ll be able to optimize your metrics and make corrections and improvements as needed quickly within the platform. Reports and charts can easily be exported and used in PowerPoint presentations, written reports and integrated into other reporting systems you may use.

Client Success Team

Of course, you may need some help along the way to success, right? Our program offers a Client Success Team to work alongside you every step of the way. We are your partner to help guide initiatives, strategy and implementation. Working as an extension of your team, we’ll get you on the road to success in no time.

Get Started with Employee Recognition!

Appreciation for our good work is a fundamental human need. Cutting Edge PR states that, “employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work.”

As workplace efficiency improves and at-will employement becomes the norm, employees need to feel valued. Not only does employee recognition improve company culture and help you reach milestones, but it also creates dedicated employees who will stay with your company long-term.

Dow Scott of Loyola University found that only 11% of companies with rewards programs frequently involve employees in the planning and implementation stages. You already know that including employees in creating and improving your employee rewards program makes for a more successful program, so why not start with a casual conversation about rewards and recognition in your next staff meeting?

Here are a few prompts that will get the conversation started. Remember to listen with an open mind and take notes. Your employees will be paying attention to your follow up.

3 Prompts for Your Next Staff Meeting

  1. In your experience, how well does our department/company perform in delivering the following:
    1. Formal recognition to employees who display corporate values?
    2. Communicating corporate values?
    3. Building team spirit?
  2. What type/kind of rewards would motivate you?
  3. If you were to design a recognition program, what features would it include?

Some employees may be shy about speaking out in group meetings. Be sure to end the meeting by thanking the team and inviting all employees to schedule a 1:1 with you or share their responses via email.

Beginning a new employee recognition program may seem like a daunting task, but technology and a reliable partner can help to make the job come together quickly and run smoothly. Take your time to choose a system that fits your business and build a successful program.

We want to know about your roadblocks to employee motivation. Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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