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Easy Ways to Win with Email Marketing

Email marketing should be a key component of your direct marketing strategy.It’s a personal, economical way to communicate with both prospects and customers, and there are lots of ways to maximize your success with this tactic.

Whether you send offers, rewards, reminders, or educational material, here are four and a half quick ways to boost your campaigns success-factor.

1.  Mobile-First Approach

7K0A0664Across all industries, mobile viewing of emails is on the rise. Think about your own use of smartphones and tablets in day-to-day life, or that Americans spend four times more time on their mobile devices than with newspaper or magazine (Percolate). So be sure to build your layouts with mobile in mind, and consider things like image rendering, being able to click to view in browser, and the balance of text to image on a reader’s eye.

2.  Social Share

phone_social_media_linking_to_world_mapAdding simple social share icons to your email template makes it easy for readers to engage with content they find compelling with a simple tap or click. Make it easier for them by having a user-friendly layout.

3.  Think Acquisitions & Automate

Pumping out content?

Promoting over social media?

social_media_phones-1Make it easy for people to sign up for your emails with popups or email capture bars when they visit your website or landing pages. Growing your list is as easy as making the option available for people to sign up for updates. Programming confirmation emails or follow-ups to send themselves automatically is also a quick and easy way to save yourself time and effort in the email space.

4.  Keep it Legal. And – bonus! – Make it Relevant

Be aware of changes to email legislation, like the Canadian anti-spam law that came in to effect July 1, 2014. Chances are you’ll recall receiving email requests to “stay in touch” with all the retailers and brands you’ve ever dealt with. Safeguard against complaints by ensuring capture forms are compliant to “opt-in” and that your lists are a current audience that want to receive your correspondence. You may just get dinged by your email provider for trying to blast non-compliant lists if unsubscribes or complaints start pouring in.

Further to this, you can help make sure your content is relevant to the right audience by segmenting your database and planning out the most valuable content to these sub-groups. Want to reinforce your brand’s friendliness and customer service to a prospect audience? Or promote a renewal offer for clients coming up to the end of their term? Craft your messages to connect the right way, and try add in personal fields to customize the tone to who you speak to.

With a little creativity and planning, email marketing is a great way to enhance your direct marketing!

We’ve put together an email marketing workout plan designed to kick start a successful email marketing campaign in the next 30 days.  Each week our guide is focused on a theme, planning, writing, distribution and of course analyzing and optimizing.

Ready to get in shape?  Start your workout now!


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