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Grow Your Sales Funnel By Increasing Traffic

Do you want more traffic?  Do you want more leads and conversions?  How about a traffic system that will deliver results across any social platform you use?  

Customers are the foundation of any business.  But finding and reaching them in today’s digital world can be challenging.  How do you get your message out there and how do you convert strangers into customers, even on a tight budget?

In this epic blog series we’ll show you how to leverage facebook to grow your customer base.

It all begins with content and a sales funnel. Content that your customers will be begging to share – content that is so great it will sell itself…and by extension, sell your brand.  You may have already heard that ‘content is king’.  This is for good reason.  For it is the ‘content’,  that will draw people into the sales funnel.

In this blog post, we are going to explain what a sales funnel is and why it is important.  We’ll give you FREE tools to help you develop and create buyer personas.

A sales funnel is the process of moving traffic from Prospect to Lead to Customer to Repeat buyer.  

Boiled down, there are only three simple stages of a sales funnel.  

First is the AWARENESS stage.  This is when your prospects become aware of you, your company and the products and the services you provide. You are in the introduction phase, you introduce yourself through content that your prospects need and want. Prove your value as soon and as often as possible.

Second is the EVALUATION stage.  In this phase your prospects start to like you and hang out with you.  They visit your website regularly and engage with you.  Because you have delivered in the first stage.  You have been providing relevant, helpful information to them time and again.

Third stage is CONVERSION.  This happens when you have gained their trust, proven your value and they start to love you.  In this stage they are buying from you.  If you keep proving value they become a repeat customer.

How do you make your prospects AWARE of you, your company and your products and services?

FIRST you need to identify your prospects, your target audience.  Who are they?  What are their goals and values?  What are their challenges and pain points?  Where do they hang out?  Knowing the answers to those questions, will enable you to create content that is both relevant and valuable to them.

Silhouette people

We call this a ‘buyer persona’ or an ‘avatar’.  This is an important step in your research and should not be skipped because the better you know this person, the more accurately you can frame your marketing messages. Depending on your business, you may have more than one buyer persona.

Don’t have a buyer persona yet?  DOWNLOAD one now.

Buyer Persona Worksheet Download

The sales funnel is easy to understand if we liken it to a relationship.  This also helps to understand what kind of content and offers will be effective.

We all know that a relationship is best built slowly over time. We don’t usually introduce ourselves to someone and immediately ask them to marry us.   They don’t know us yet. 

Building a successful relationship that leads to marriage usually requires many ‘dates’ in order for each of the parties to get to know one another deeply, build trust and make sure that they are compatible.

So when you introduce yourself to a prospect in the AWARENESS stage, take it slow.   They may be the perfect match but they may say no in this phase because they just don’t know you enough to make that big a commitment.

man trying to kiss a woman

When you are creating content for your prospects in this stage, think ‘dates’ and deliver up lots of little things that will help them get to know you, trust you and like you.

If this is done well, your prospects will start engaging with your company, and they may begin testing the waters with small, low risk investments or purchases.  They are in the evaluation stage.  Provided they see value, they will continue buying and eventually you will have earned the right to ask for a larger piece of the pie.  

Finally they become a customer and repeat customer.  At this point, you can retarget to make sure they are aware of all of your wonderful products and services not just the one they were originally introduced to.  In this stage you are communicating to your customers.  You are selling core products and services.  These are the higher dollar sales.

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We will discuss what kinds of content are most effective for your prospects in the AWARENESS stage of the sales funnel.  Plus how to determine the best offer for this stage of the relationship.  

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