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How One Source Can Help Integrated Marketing Soar!

Seeking out a trusted source you can count on can help integrated marketing truly take off.

Chances are, you are already putting in plenty of effort trying to draw inbound traffic to your company between one (if not all) of these types of channels: email, blog posts, social media, pay-per-click etc. Tackling these channels with a silo approach often means duplication of effort or messy customer-facing goofs (easily avoidable with a little planning).

Aligning your marketing tactics doesn’t have to mean slaving away with extra time added to your busy day.  Working with a vendor partner or assigning a central gatekeeper to integrate all your initiatives can make the difference between success and headache.  Ultimately, marketing is most powerful when viewed as interconnected channels, and not individual disciplines or departments.

PartnershipSo why not link together what you’re already spending time and resources on, get more efficient at it, and help boost overall impact?

Here are some key things to consider when looking for a partner to help integrated solutions set-ups, or for how to plan for it to work with your workload and not at odds with it.

Slice and dice:

  • Breaking up content into bite sized pieces is a great way to extend its shelf life.  If you have worked to produce an important article or white paper, why not slice out pieces to share or use as teasers rather than re-invent the wheel for every channel, every week/month/quarter.

Build a high-level content calendar:

  • With more bits of shareable content to help pull in an audience; it is important to look at how all your channels integrate or flow on a higher level.  Plan out the order and pace that you want to promote your content so as to avoid bombarding or appearing to “spam” your audience.  (Recall if you have ever received multiple promotional emails on the same day from a company, and how annoyed you felt – or how unprofessional they appeared).  Even blocking out rough deadlines helps to ensure that lines don’t get crossed.

Choose what you share:

  • With all the amazing content you are producing and promoting, it is also important to remember to get selective with what you broadcast.  Experiment with the type of content you put out, and use a variable approach to positing updates or sending emails to specific audiences.

Social Share Icons:

  • Email campaigns and blog posts can easily convert to social shares with the tap of an icon.  Inserting social share icons in your email campaigns or blog theme is an easy win that can link content together with your social media presence (and also reach new audiences by way of your followers)

By stepping away from the silo set up and seeking out an experienced partner or central resource to pull all initiatives into one ecosystem, integrated marketing can quickly and efficiently thrust your campaigns into high-gear…and positively impact your bottom line!

No time to build a high-level content calendar?


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