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How Personalized Email Marketing Can Help Your Company Cut Through Inbox Clutter

In your sea of an email inbox, what do you see?

It has been reported that the key to winning the Open and CTR battles is not by frequency or slick design but rather by personalized email marketing strategies for your customer. (After all, to see the slick design, they have to open the message!).

Learn these easy ways to win with email marketing?

Here are some great bits to think about:

  • Personalized
  • Make sure they are mobile friendly
  • Triggered emails
  • Testing
  • Nurturing
How Personalized Email Marketing Can Cut Through Clutter

Let’s go into more detail.

  1. Most email service providers offer simple, user-friendly interfaces that allow for personalization. Whether in the subject line or body copy, addressing your recipient by first name is really the polite way to say hello. So why not use the merge data capabilities and make the reader feel that much more special?
  2. 80.8% of people read their emails on mobile, so there really is no excuse for sending email that isn’t mobile friendly (especially since the same email providers above offer this feature, too). Test it extensively to make sure that your recipients won’t have issues lest they be tempted to hit “unsubscribe” because they can’t read what you’ve sent!
  3. Triggered emails do really, really well. Think about the purchase confirmation or order update emails you get, and how pleasant an experience it is to have your name and order details on-hand (instead of a generic “Thank you for your purchase.”). In fact, triggered emails have much higher click-thrus, so seize the opportunity to make a splash.
  4.  In addition to the point above, consider that new customers are more likely to open your emails. They’re curious; they want to see what’s new. So why not test out a special stream of emails to this segment of your database and give their experience the white glove feel?
  5. There are now roughly 9x the amount of marketing emails over direct mail marketing sent in the US. If this isn’t enough to show that the cultural tide has turned digital, then you have to get with the email marketing program. It’s not just about sending one-way communication or newsletters to your customers and clients anymore. Your business has to carefully assess and plan a strategy for nurturing and communicating via email, and that includes basics like adopting personalization as a best-practice.

Because, naturally, in your sea of an email inbox – you’re going to see your name.

But what if you’re just getting started?

With a little creativity and planning, email marketing is a great way to boost your direct marketing!

Consider sending offers, rewards, reminders and even educational information to your prospects and customers.  Learn these easy ways to win with email marketing?

No matter If your email marketing is just getting started or if it just needs a boost, we have designed a 30 day Email Workout Plan that’s free to download.


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