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How to Make Your Existing Content SEO-friendly

Recent algorithm updates by Google and the resultant increase in ‘Google-Friendly’ content has made it easy for brands to become visible to their target audience.  However unless you keep up with those changes you could be missing out.  With some fairly easy enhancements to your SEO practices, valuable content, already present on your site could become even more effective.

If you have existing support documentation and Q&A material on your website, this article will help you tweak your settings to get more SEO value out of that content.

Recognize your High Performing Pages

The first step to make your content SEO friendly is to understand your content and scrutinize it for performance.  You can achieve this by Google Analytics or any other software you feel comfortable with. This way, you can unearth the best opportunities that can direct you to significant gains.  You want to understand exactly what’s happening on your content pages in as much detail as possible.  This information will serve as your SEO map and drive you towards maximum traffic.

Update Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

On your key pages, update your title tags and meta descriptions with words that are used in general colloquy to make it more SEO friendly. Make sure that the changes you make are not a  hindrance for your audience.  It is imperative that they understand and comprehend your brand philosophy and your product line descriptions. For your key pages that are home to directing major online traffic, it is advisable that you develop a specific meta description which is optimal for search pages.

Link your Support Content to Other Parts of the Site

Don’t forget to take advantage of the opportunity to link your supporting content to other areas of your website. Linking your content to relevant tutorials and active threads of popular content on the other areas of your site is vital to increase your brand exposure. Additionally your audience will be better able to understand what you are all about.

Add Relevant Questions, Tutorials & Threads Widget

You may have observed that Google has highlighted ‘similar topics’ with links to related titles and threads. This way of internal linking within various support content will render link equity throughout the sections of your site.

If you have any questions regarding optimizing your content to be more SEO friendly, then feel free to contact us here.

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