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If You’re Confused about Social Media Marketing – 3 Questions to ask?

This is not a time to be bashful if you are uncertain or confused about social media.

43e39040What is it, who does it, and why it is even done are the questions no one wants to ask – but the answers everyone should know.

Here are three basics to help you feel at ease.

1.  What is it?

The approach to social marketing is pretty black and white.  Every action on a social channel should connect to your company’s key goals.  There is no need for grey-area fluff because the content or engagements you provide should be in line with what you are trying to achieve – brand recognition, promoting a product, selling your company’s culture to potential hires etc.  Whether through original, curated, or sponsored content, your social media activities should help drive communications to specific goals.

Take it to the next level tip:  Why not consider what these specific goals would look like if achieved, and measure yourself against that.  For example, if you want to improve the “fit” of interview candidates filtering through the hiring process, could you change your content to help job seekers choose your company?

2.  Who Does It?  Everyone!

social_media_faces_on_globeThat’s the short of it.  Whether you have different employees managing various social accounts, or a central community manager, the content that is put out is reflective of the company and should be consistent.  Keeping track of your social media is just as important as planning it out because it helps your audience build a clear picture of who you are and why that matters to them.

Take it to the next level tip:  Why not try and draft out the goal or plan of individual social channels to make sure that each stays true to its purpose (but still fits within the bigger-picture)?

3.  Why do it?

Organic audience growth and cross-promotion are the key benefits of engaging in social media.  So is being competitive.  In a realm where consumers communicate freely with organizations (including your competitors), offering clear and simple social media communications or advertising pays off.  Set some ground rules to help you balance your content calendar betwen selling/self-promotion, industry information and research, or other desired content buckets.  This will go along way in managing social media efforts.

Take it to the next level tip:  Why not kick your content calendar up a notch by setting goals for the type of content you want to push or promote?  Or take a lunch break and analyze what is working/failing for competitors.


Want more help?

With a little planning you can take your social media to the next level.

Our Social Media Publishing Schedule will let you organize your social media activities far in advance, making it easier to coordinate campaigns, grow your reach, and scale your social media marketing.

This template is easy to use and the cover sheet will break down how to use each of the tabs.


Click the image above to download

a Social Media Publishing Schedule Template

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