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Inbound marketing is one of today’s most effective ways to convert strangers into customers and promoters of your business. Since 2006, inbound marketing has been carving a niche for itself among online promotional campaigns. It is a breath of fresh air after years of mundane outbound methods of buying email lists, buying ads, and praying for leads. Cold calling has been replaced by inbound marketing, which focuses more on creating quality promotional content that attracts masses towards the product.

By aligning the content in accordance with the customer’s needs, a company naturally attracts inbound traffic that can be converted, closed, and retained with effective tactics. Let us now see how it is done!


Attract your target market with high quality, relevant content that solves a problem for them. Why is this important? Because you don’t want just any traffic on your website or page, you want the right traffic! The right traffic is based upon reaching qualified targeted prospects who can be converted to happy customers. In order to do this, you will need to be a 100% sure of your buyer’s persona. Once you have created this high quality relevant content be sure to make the right use of social media platforms to promote it. In this way, you are investing more time in formulating effective SEO strategies.


Once you have attracted the right visitors, then it is the time to convert them into your customers. Valuable tools that will help to convert the leads include effective calls to action, forms, engaging landing pages, and thank you pages. Here is how it works. The engaging content sparks interest and the potential customers want to learn more. In order to receive the high quality content like an ebook or a whitepaper, they will be willing to exchange some level of contact information. This may sound like a lot of work; however it is necessary in today’s market. Many companies are opting to enlist the help of an inbound marketing agency’s like Proforma SI


When you arrive at this step, know that you have done everything right up till now! Now that you have attracted the right visitors, and converted them in to leads, you need to close them as your customers. The effective tools in this regard include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), closed loop reporting, marketing automation, and e-mailing relevant content.


Retaining customers is also known as delighting and nurturing. By doing so, you move a step ahead from the competition. After all your hard work to this point, you will want to continue the momentum. Conduct surveys to understand your new clients better and continue developing relevant content to keep your customers excited. Meeting and exceeding their needs in this phase may win your clients for life. Don’t forget social monitoring of your target demographic to understand if and how their interests are shifting.

Are you still at loss with how to make a sound inbound marketing plan? Hand it over to the experts at Proforma SI and let us work our magic on your brand! Contact us here today, and get professional advice!

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