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Growing pains aren’t just a teenage thing. As companies grow and evolve, brand management can be an area where growing pains take their toll and could potentially compromise your company’s brand identity and reputation. Here are six challenges that large companies often face, and some tips on how to overcome them successfully. 


The more you grow, the farther you go! As offices or locations open across geographic distances, it can be difficult to distribute marketing materials in different locations (or languages). Worrying about lead times, duty, ground vs. air costs can bog down your marketing team. Instead, a centralized system like an online company store can help to organize your marketing collateral with pre-determined shipping rules to get your teams what they need on time and on budget. 

Branding Chaos

As companies grow in size, the likelihood of departments going rogue and creating their own marketing materials increases. It’s difficult to organize the needs of different teams or offices, so they may resort to trying to create their own assets locally (particularly if on short notice). This usually means lax branding – incorrect logo use, off-brand colour choices, awkward copywriting, wonky designs. Instead, using an online company store would only provide pre-approved materials like brochures, promo products, banners etc. This way you ensure that employees have access to properly designed assets and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Reactive Approach

“How did it get late so soon?” asks Dr. Seuss. As companies grow in size, so, too, do their marketing plans, sales initiatives, and events. Deadlines sneak up quickly, but without a proper plan to handle the logistics of an event (like a tradeshow or conference), there is a big risk that your company won’t put its best foot forward. Forgetting things, doing rush jobs, or compromising for lower quality materials can all have a negative impact on your brand/s reputation. Working with a trusted partner vendor can help to cover all your bases, and can provide critical benefits like global production networks and prior experience. 

Evolving Capabilities

As your company grows, so might your offerings. A company’s brand may be known for A, but over time it may develop new capabilities of B and C. Take Google for example. While known for its search engine, it also has the capabilities of AdWords and Analytics – distinct branches of the company that have their own marketing and promotional efforts, but still fall under the Google umbrella. So as your business evolves, being able to communicate change to your customers is critical. Updating your website and marketing materials regularly with clear messaging helps to support your growth with customers (and also get all employees on the same page). 

Closing the Loop

As companies grow, employee resources are often tapped out until headcount can be increased. So internal marketing teams may not have the manpower to develop and deliver a company’s branding campaign, day-to-day marketing, or plan for the future. Ideas may be generated but there may not be internal resources to run with them through to completion.

Supplementing your team with a reputable, capable partner vendor can help reclaim bandwidth for your marketing team, freeing you up to plan for big-picture growth. 

While it’s extremely exciting to have a company growing through massive change, it can also be a risky time where branding and reputation can be impacted by rushing, carelessness, or disorganization.

Online company stores help by centralizing control of your brand image across branch networks or even international boundaries. Having a single source for promotional products or corporate apparel offers consistency in design, colour, or logo usage and controls your corporate identity. Online stores allows you to pre-approve use of your logo, preselect specific products, and control who places orders.  Align your marketing materials with efficient on-demand company stores that empower teams by providing excellent branding – anywhere in the world.

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