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From Thoughtful to Zany

Trying to dream up a promo marketing campaign? Some of the most memorable marketing efforts use promotional products to draw in prospects and reward customers. Check out some of these interesting campaigns and get inspired.

ASPCA App Summer Giveaway

This year, the American Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) partnered up with a lifestyle blog to promote downloads of their pet safety app by giving away swag bags. While the ASPCA brand would be one any pet owner would be proud to carry, the contents of the branded tote bag also made for great fun – a Frisbee for Fido, a beach ball and beach towel, and even a yoga mat. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect mix of summer fun?

Staples Hits Olympic Stride

With the Rio Olympics peaking right around back-to-school season, it isn’t a surprise if shoppers are inspired to go for the gold. And if you’re picking up branded Olympic materials, they are likely from the Staples network of products. From outfitting hospitality teams to stocking press kits, the unique relationship of Staples with the United States Olympic Committee puts its products front and centre alongside some of the most decorated athletes in the world. That’s a winning partnership!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

KFC has been on fire lately with some pretty zany promo marketing pieces. KFC in the US celebrated summer by launching a branded (friend chicken scented) Extra Crispy Sunscreen that would make Donald Trump envious. While in India, they launched a special edition “meal box” complete with USB and Lightning Bolt charging capabilities to keep diners powered up. While both of these promo marketing campaigns may seem off-the-wall, they are great conversation starters (particularly among the viral-hungry millennials the restaurant chain covets).

Try Not to Suck

Another example of an opportunity to drive branding with promotional products is the creation and sale of a t-shirt inspired by Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon. In support of his foundation, Respect 90, the t-shirt sold online and featured a quote he uttered to baseball player Javier Baez. “Try Not To Suck”. The catchiness of the saying is what made this tee become a must-have item, and the design with the manager’s signature glasses made it all the more relevant to die-hard baseball fans. In this way, the promo marketing effort hit not only trend-setters and baseball lovers but also did some good with the proceeds.

Get Thanked

Another brilliant promo marketing campaign is T-Mobile’s #getthanked customer appreciation initiative. To reward it’s 65.5 million subscribers, the company is offering users of its app anything from free Domino’s Pizzas to stock options to “WarCraft” screenings. The young, vibrant branding of T-Mobile makes this type of campaign a hit among its users and stands to build incredible brand positivity with such creative perks and rewards.

How will you position your next promo marketing campaign? We can help you put the magic together.  

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