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ROI of Video in Email Marketing

youtube_in_handsWe already know that e-Mail marketing has the highest ROI of marketing channels, producing $57 for every dollar spent.

Want to increase the ROI even further?  Just add video!

  • Youtube has more than 1 billion users
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to youtube every minute.
  • The number of hours people watch youtube videos is up 50% year over year.
  • Half of youtube views are on mobile devices – and since smartphones now match desktops and laptops as a video delivery device, this means that streaming video in email and other formats is possible.
  • 76% of B2B marketers use video content in their marketing efforts.
  • 60% of those found that it was very effective.

It’s no wonder that many marketers are using video in emails, which is still the most popular communication method.

Why isn’t everyone doing it? 

The two most common reasons for not incorporating video into an email marketing plan is lack of content and perceived costs.  Let’s address those one at a time.

Video content is worth creating when you consider:

  • Easy to understand, video is highly effective when explaining complex products or systems.
  • Higher impact customer testimonials.  Tone and expressions are captured much more deeply than written text.
  • Proven to capture attention which is difficult today with information overload.
  • Creates an immediate emotional  connection which is essential for developing and maintaining a strong brand.  Not so sure?  Check out our video portfolio.
  • Higher engagement and click through rates.
  • Increased conversion and revenue.  Marketers that added video to their email messages had 40% higher monthly revenues than those that were not using video.

There are many different types of videos and some are much more cost effective than you may think. 

  • Proforma SI has been turning to whiteboard videos and video communication packages as a cost effective means to create and distribute effective email campaigns. 

That said, as with all effective marketing communications having the ability to include call to action links, sharing buttons and auto-responders is essential.

What is the proper length, appropriate call to action?  How important is it to captivate and activate within the first 5 seconds?  A successful video depends on an email software system that has specific features.

Before investing in video – check out our free guide “Top 10 Reasons Why Corporate Video is Essential”


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