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Simple Steps Planning A Corporate Video

Planning Steps Go Along Way!

Before investing in your
multi media project, it is important to plan carefully. Here are some tips that will save time and money once the project gets underway.

  • What is the product, service or message you would like to communicate?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • What are your differentiating factors and advantages?
  • How will the video be distributed?
  • What are the associated goals for the Corporate video?
  • What is your budget?
  • What is the timeline?


Corporate Videos – evoke emotion and story telling to convey and really drive home what the world needs to know about your brand and Company culture.  They are factual, so in order to effectively communicate your message, they should be made as personal and entertaining as possible.  This can be achieved through compelling visuals, interviews, professional voice overs and appropriate music.

Training Videos – save time and money while ensuring that your Company’s training programs are consistent and accessible 24/7.  A good training video should be engaging, accurate and efficient, but it’s main goal should be memory retention.  Strong visuals matched with a clear and concise message will help your employees and customers to remember what they learn.  Trainees can ‘pause’, ‘stop’ and ‘play’ at their convenience and move at their own pace.  These videos are often motion graphics and whiteboard based.

Whiteboard Videos – are cost effective, light hearted and often funny.  When done well, they are a great way to share important internal information within an organization or to broadcast exciting changes to your client base and followers via social media or on your website.  Studies show that whiteboards significantly out-perform standard visual meda when it comes to areas such as repeat viewing, social media sharing and memory retention.

CGI (Computer Animation) Videos – are the perfect solution when your message cannot be realistically communicated with real world visuals.  An animated, photorealistic portrayal of a product that is either too difficult to film, or is still in development (a condominium that has yet to be built as an example).  On the cutting edge of technology and portray your company as modern and high tech.

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