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The 5 Commandments of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

E-mail marketing is broadly defined as every email sent to current or potential customers in the interest of a business in order to encourage its growth. It involves making use of emails to send ads or confirmations, build loyalty and trust, solicit sales or donations, and to increase brand awareness.

With a saturated market, it is necessary to devise a concrete step by step guide to a successful email marketing campaign that will help increase your sales.

Listed below are the five commandments every entrepreneur and marketer needs to learn in order to make a lasting impact on a potential customer’s mind.

Plan Wisely

Just as you know that you can’t build a house without laying down a sturdy foundation, a diligent digital marketing team won’t launch an e-mail campaign without doing extensive homework and thorough research on the target market and product line. Analyze your goals and objectives.  Be realistic about them, and assess the best possible ways to achieve them. A clear and precise strategy helps in the long run by ensuring clear sailing in other elements of the campaign as well.

Study your Target Demographics

A thorough study of your target demographics is important for optimal sales. For example, if you are operating a life insurance company, you would hardly want to direct an e-mail to the under-50 age group, or you wouldn’t direct a campaign for sportswear to those over 60. Set your target audience by conducting market research, and assessing customer needs by creating a target specific profile, also known as ‘buyer personas’. This exercise will save you a lot of time, energy, and investment, which you can utilize for the other elements of your business.

Make it Catchy

It is no secret that a spammy, generic email will not get opened.  We must capture the prospects imagination by making the title too irresistible to ignore. For example, if you are promoting a new hair color, using a title like “Your hair never felt so good!” would spark the interest of the customer without the e-mail sounding too sales oriented.

Clear Subscription Instructions

It is pointless to create an immaculately crafted e-mail without any CTAs or landing pages for the audience to click through. So make sure you add appropriate links to your e-mail that provide more in-depth and detail oriented material to the audience.

Use Social Media Tools

Social media is like vegemite, some love it and some don’t. But it doesn’t change the fact that it has now become vital in all facets of digital marketing, including e-mail marketing. You can expand the potential of your e-mails and grow your list of subscribers which will provide a better communication channel to your current and prospective clients.

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