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The 5 Key Elements of a High-Converting Facebook Ads’ Landing Page

The chief goal of landing pages is to collect significant information that makes it possible for you to market to and communicate with your target market.  When a potential customer clicks on your social media ad, the design and navigation options are vital to the process of making a potential lead become your customer.  How can you improve the conversion rates of those landing pages?  Read on to find out.

Goal-Driven Approach

From the moment a potential lead clicks on your ad to the moment they arrive on your landing page, you have less than ten seconds to capture their attention. The first thing they will notice about your page is the length of your copy. This can be the determining factor if the visitor keeps reading or clicks away. The length of your copy should ideally be short and sweet.   It must also include a clear call to action.  What kind of action do you want your audience to take.

Restricted Form Fields

Keep the form fields on your landing page short for higher conversion rates. Asking for too much information can put your audience on the defensive and you may scare them away.  However asking too little will leave you with no valuable data. So develop a balanced form that is feasible for both you and your audience.

Key Visuals

Visuals are a multipurpose tool on your landing page. They serve to promote your brand and offer an emotional cue to the visitors and as a result they may link with your site on a personal level. Visuals like quote graphics, infographics and photographs have proven to be more engaging and interactive than text only documents.

Develop Mobile Friendly Design

Over 40% of people today log onto Facebook via mobile phones, so keep that in mind while creating an ad.

Thorough Research

Conduct thorough research of your target market and create buyer personas.  Know exactly who they are and what makes them tick.  Create content that appeals to them.  The more relevant it is the greater the chance that your ads appear on their profiles when they are using social media.

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