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The Anatomy of a Perfect Google+ Post

Have you ever wondered why some people get more engagement and followers on Google+ than others? The answer is: They craft their posts intelligently. Thus proving that the digital space deserves attention to detail and quality.  We want to resist the temptation to put Google+ on autopilot and expect it to show great results.

This blog will discuss the anatomy of a viable Google+ post and divide it into 5 components which will help you develop your posts like a pro! Read on to find out how.

The Title

Your title should give your audience a taste of what they should expect from your post. Use SEO friendly words and catchy combinations to attract more traffic to your post. Make sure that you use the asterisk (*) at the beginning and the end of your post to give it a bold effect.

The Summary

Take some time out to explain why you are sharing each post so that your audience knows what is happening in just one glance. Ensure that it is short and precise, but well developed so that it appeals to the curiosity of your audience to click open the post.

Link it up

If you are sharing a link in your post, make sure that you use shortened version of the URL, because huge link addresses displayed in a post give an aura of a cluttered space.

The Commentary

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and opinions about a certain product line in the commentary. Let your opinion and perspective be heard so that it sparks a conversation on your post.  Questions are also a great way to increase conversations and engagement.  Mix it up and record the results.

The Use of Hashtags

No social media post is complete without a hashtag. Make your hashtags specific and don’t use too many of them in one post.  Balance is essential here because over using hashtags make the post look like spam.

The Use of Quality Images

Including relevant images is one of the most effective ways to increase ‘clicks’ and ‘likes’ from the audience. Ensure that your images are not grainy or of poor quality because this can actually divert your online traffic causing more harm than good.

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