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“The family that plays together, stays to together.”

This is often said by professionals and written about extensively. Building a positive bond builds happiness, and that same fact applies to the workplace, too. Employee engagement has been found to lead to increased productivity, increased tenure with the company, more optimism, and clearer communication. Here’s how you can build employee engagement – and deliver on the promise.

Increased Productivity

Engaged employees do better work. As employees feel more connected, they provide a greater value for the work that they are doing – and often do so in less time and with less errors. Recognizing these contributions is critical to building positive bonds. So if an employee is becoming more efficient – doing tasks in less time, improving quality of work – consider recognizing and celebrating that rather than just silently piling on more work.

Increased Tenure

As employees feel more recognized and valued for their contributions, the likeliness for them to seek out other jobs decreases. Increased employee satisfaction has been found to link directly to decreased absences (i.e. sick days, medical leaves, and injuries). So fostering a positive, rewarding environment not only has an impact on short-term productivity, it can impact your bottom line with employees not sapping time off requests. The longer the employee has been with your company and the happier and more fulfilled, the effects of feeling a personal responsibility for their work and coworkers can significantly increase.  The importance of employee engagement is hard to ignore.

More Optimism

Rewarding an employee with recognition brings a happiness factor that breeds optimism and trust. More optimism and trust then leads to more creativity and empowerment, which can lead to excellent ideas and improvements benefitting your company (and customers). This increase in happiness and optimism drives the satisfaction employees feel when achieving goals, so consider celebrating milestones as a way of boosting team morale along the way.

Clearer Communication

As much as you expect the best out of your employees, they also expect the best out of you and your company. As employees become more engaged and feel skin in the game, it becomes even more important for employers to listen to and respect their people. Fostering a sense of open communication helps to address potential problems or tensions before they spiral out into full-blown chaos, and also provides the opportunity to hear feedback and ideas that could improve company operations. Reward clear communication to signal that it is valued.

The effects of a highly engaged employee extend well past happy hour at the local pub and can impact team dynamics, company culture, growth, and profitability. Taking time to set up an employee recognition system is quick and easy and can be managed through an online company store. Ordering and sending rewards, certificates, and company gear is just a click away – and so is the potential to increase employee engagement.

Start driving business results with employee engagement today.  Learn more about Proforma SI and our Rewards & Recognition Programs delivered via online company stores.  So you can ‘set it and forget it’.


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