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Tired of Cold Calling? Good News – Inbound Marketing

Are you tired of c7K0A0752old calling? Or maybe you never liked it in the first place.It’s okay you can tell me….

Cold calling is a dreaded part of every sales person’s job.  Alright…dreaded may be a tad on the strong side.

But let’s just say that many of us –   would rather do anything else.  Even go to the dentist…no offense Dr.Mike.

Almost famous quotes from Sales Managers:

  • You have to pound the pavement.
  • You have to pay your dues.
  • You have to get 100 “NO’s” before you get a yes (my favorite)
  • You can’t take the rejection personal. (Really?  Feels pretty personal to me)

If those were the headings for
a recruitment ad, I don’t think people would apply.

Good News for Inbound Marketing.  Inbound is based on the laws of attraction so we can finally stop interrupting people.  I know that made you smile right?

Inbound has four key parts:

Attract – Convert – Close – Delight


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