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What Is Inbound Marketing and What Does It Mean?

LaptopGone are the days of sales and marketing sitting in separate office cubicles, with the fomer often fielding inquiries and going through a predictable sales cycle or the latter buying ads.

You’re likely finding that simply pushing promotions or offers to your existing pool of customers has tapped out your revenue potential, and may have traditional sales teams in a bit of a panic.

So what is inbound marketing and why does it matter?

Inbound marketing is all about attracting the right audience by using the power of content, social media and data to put your company out there when they need you most.  The biggest distinction is moving from pushing out to a customer, and instead pulling them in to you.  The “right place”, “right time” kind of thing.

  • Content is King for New and Existing Customers.  Attracting sales now relies heavily on appealing to your potential customer by proving your value long before a deal is on the table.

Consider super successful companies like Red Bull or Dove.  One thing that both these companies do well is understand how people actually use the various social channels and build strategies around that.  A good strategy means:

  1. knowing your objective
  2. knowing your audience
  3. understanding the different social channels so you pick the ones that align with your objective and audience.
  4. creating content that is relevant to: your audience, social channels, and your objective.
  5. measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  6. make necessary changes.
  • Conversations Convert.  Once that killer content is out, keeping the conversation going is what can help convert a curious visitor in to a lead or a sale.  Whether it is through social media monitoring or contact forms, having a conversation with your audience has never been more accessible.  Any traditional sales person will attest that getting a foot in the door is often the biggest barrier to making the conversion.  So why not use that content as a conversation starter?
  • Keeping Up With The Customer.  Whether or not the visitor coming in from your digital tactics is ready to go from lead to customer, it is critical to have a process in place to handle the detials of the customer, company and opportunity.  You may opt for a CRM system or use a spreadsheet, but what is most important is keeping up with the information you get out of sales calls or follow-up conversations.

Inbound marketing is the new reality for sales and marketing teams to be able to successfully draw insights from their customer’s movement through the sales funnel.

So having a killer marketing strategy is key. But where do we start?  We must create “relevant content” for the “right audience”.  How do we know who the ‘right audience’ is?  Buyer Persona Development.  We have a buyer persona worksheet that will help you.

Come on – check it out!


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