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Though many find it surprising, the number one reason people give for leaving a job is feeling unappreciated and undervalued at work. Studies reveal this number to be 64 percent. Employees that fall into this group are 87 percent more likely to quit, and organizations will spend a minimum of 21 percent of an employee’s annual salary on finding a replacement.

What is Employee Recognition and How Do I Do It?

Employee recognition is one of the quickest ways to improve morale. In fact, when you begin recognizing employees, the infectious energy will spread across your office like wildfire. Soon, employees will be feeling higher job satisfaction just because the workplace is a happier place to be.

The recognition part of an employee rewards program doesn’t have anything to do with material rewards. All you need to do is show praise for your employees by recognizing their good work in the moment.

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Praising employees in front of their peers at a meeting or lunch accompanied by a heartfelt round of applause will lift the spirits of everyone in the organization and even create some friendly competition.

But don’t save it for the end of the year banquet! Recognition can be fit in anywhere and does more good when closely tied to core company values.

A formal employee recognition platform makes it easy to show appreciation in the moment with a social recognition wall. Beyond public recognition from managers, encouraging peer-to-peer shout-outs can be invaluable in increasing employee engagement.

The 3 Keys to Employee Recognition Are More Like Human Nature

  1. Tie Recognition to Company Values. This approach becomes a dynamic tool. You will be able to see which performers embody those values naturally, and every member of the organization will understand the contributions that push the company forward.
  2. Be Immediate. Recognize an employee in the moment. The quicker you recognize them, the more beneficial the recognition. A recognition platform really comes in handy, allowing managers to recognize employees
  3. Be Specific. Tell the employee exactly what it was that impressed you. Instead of saying “Nice job on the report,” say, “Nice job on the report. Those stats really drive the point home and the charts you created are going to be a good visual tool in tomorrow’s meeting.”

Employee Recognition is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Increase Workplace Productivity

No one doubts recognition has a huge positive impact on individuals and teams, but only 14% of organizations provide managers with the proper tools to have a successful rewards and recognition program.

When employees feel valued by their company and their managers, their job satisfaction increases and workplace productivity naturally rises. Unexpected recognition keeps employees on their toes, working hard to be the next to receive the recognition.

It’s as simple as this: When we thank employees for their effort, they become more engaged. They strive to be recognized again and, as a result, stay on task longer and actively work to make a difference more often. Their work mentality switches from “I have to” to “I want to.” This change translates into doing more than working for a paycheck. Employees will start to genuinely care about the customers they serve and their relationships with coworkers. They’ll give more thought to what managers think and actively work more efficiently to produce more. Moreover, they’ll feel valued by the organization and look forward to showing up at work each day.

Once you start employee recognition, employees will begin to compete amongst themselves to do better work and will start actively looking for areas of improvement. Creating a culture of employee recognition effectively should be 360 degrees; employees > employee, Manager > employee; Employee > Manager; Manager > Manager.

Our employee recognition platform makes it easy to recognize employees, teams, departments and managers in the moment. Accessible via smart phone, tablet or computer, employees can give recognition and view their own progress anywhere.

What Are Some Features of an Employee Recognition Platform?

A rewards and recognition platform will help to ensure that all employees are considered equally to avoid favoritism. Below are just some of the useful features included in an employee recognition program.

Recognize Peers, Reports and Even Entire Teams on the Employee Wall of Fame 

Very similar to a social media feed, this dashboard displays the recognition, a custom badge and in some cases managers may reward points with their words of praise. Like’ and ‘Comment’ buttons encourage others in the organization to participate.

Updates, Ideas & Contests

The communication wall is a central location to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, company events, Idea sharing, contest details and policy updates. Videos and even employee spotlights can be displayed right on the wall for everyone to see whenever they log in.

Take a Poll

Any soft-skill training programs such as onboard training can be hosted within your employee recognition system, adding to the many reasons your employees will come to rely on it. You can also host quizzes and track performance and results to test company knowledge or choose an activity for the next teambuilding event. Credits can be awarded to motivate employee participation and provide invaluable information to be used in growing your organization.

Physical Rewards Mall

If your program awards credits or points for hitting specific targets and desired behaviours, a rewards mall is where employees will go to trade in those credits. Your rewards mall is fully customizable; from gift cards to name brand lifestyle items like kayaks and fishing gear, there is something for everyone. The sky Is the limit!

Starting An Employee Recognition Program

Appreciation is a basic human need that we all share. Not just in our personal lives, but in our professional lives as well. We all deserve to be appreciated when we do good work, no matter how small or how regular that work is.

Rewards and recognition programs are designed to do just that. They systematize and formalize these expressions of, “Thank you.” “I appreciate you.” and “Thanks for the effort.”

The measure of a recognition platform should be its impact. With the right recognition program, your workplace culture and bottom line will strengthen.


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