Custom Corporate Uniforms & Business Apparel

It’s not your standard corporate wear, it’s advertising with style!

Branded Corporate Wear

for maximum branding and advertising

Investments in uniform corporate wear provides excellent ROI for service-based companies with public-facing employees, as it elevates brand recognition and professionalism.  Employee appearance not only affects the public’s perception of the employee but that of the brand it represents. Corporate uniforms and business apparel are considered an inexpensive yet effective form of advertising – particularly when high quality name brands are used. To achieve the highest ROI, understand the challenges and the solutions available before investing in a branded corporate wear program.

Why Proforma SI?

Not just professional office uniforms, but total program management

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What are the challenges with custom branded corporate apparel?

Getting Buy In

Some employees resist wearing work uniforms and a great deal of corporate wear ends up in the trash. 

Inventory & Management

Storing and managing inventory for branded work wear and office uniforms is difficult for most companies. Without a simplified system, managing, ordering and shipping branded corporate apparel can quickly drain administrative resources.

Not Functional

Corporate uniform needs are not understood.  Appearance, function, character, comfort, color, fit, style and performance should be addressed with the employees (or clients) in mind.

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