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If your Starbucks barista started wearing pyjamas to work instead of a trusty black apron, how would your perception of quality and trustworthiness change?  A corporate uniform is a quick way to put forward a united front for customer-facing personnel that represent your company.

Corporate Uniforms

Whether you’re looking for coveralls, aprons, shirts, or even athletic wear, professional corporate uniforms can be customized extensively. Incorporate your brand’s colours, logo, and personality in the type of uniform you provide to employees.

Think about Molly Maid’s blue polo shirts and pink logo (or even on their company cars!). What about the ease of finding help in a crowded store by spotting an Apple Genius t-shirt? How you would feel about seeing a mechanic in shorts and a ripped Whitesnake shirt working on your car, instead of working on it with trade-approved coveralls?

WhitesnakeWhatever your company does, presenting a polished and professional appearance helps to boost the confidence of the customers you serve in all industries. And increased confidence results in boosted brand recognition and reputation.

A professional corporate uniform can also help employees to look and feel the part as they change in to their work wear.  What are the benefits of having a Corporate Uniform?  You may want to read “Why You Need a Company Uniform”.

Depending on the type of industry, this can even result in protecting their clothes or not having to invest in a specific wardrobe for work (for example, with a car dealership mechanic or a repair technician).

Corporate uniforms are an opportunity to make your public image consistent and recognizable. Your employee may still have that Whitesnake t-shirt on underneath, but the customer will instead focus on the presentation of your business.

Corporate uniforms don’t have to be boring!  It’s all about placement and technique.  Do you want to chat with us?




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