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Imagine a sales representative at a meeting or a trade show, engaging with a hot prospect, and reaching for a brochure or swag item to hand them…only to realize there isn’t one. Or perhaps worse, it’s outdated with an old logo or inaccurate information. 

Now, instead, imagine this sales rep being able to confidently reach for their choice marketing material, wow said prospect, and seal the deal! 

While that prospect may not necessarily be a whale each time, your rep’s ability to have reliable access to properly branded assets is key to their ability to close. The implementation of an online company store can help empower teams across your organization with real-time access to marketing materials while still maintaining control over your brand and costs.

Marketing materials come in all shapes and sizes. From printed stationary or brochures, to branded merchandise or promo goods, your brand can be represented with endless product options. Materials can be used at meetings and events, or as a leave-behind gesture, follow-up reminder, or even a direct mail campaign. Being able to control how your brand is represented with these pieces is critical to building brand recognition and a positive association to your company. Consistency of colour, logo, and production quality are important factors that can make an impression on a prospect or customer long after you’ve given them the piece. Put your best foot forward with products that protect your company’s branding through a pre-approved mix and quantities.

In addition to offering no-brainer pre-approved marketing materials, another way to empower teams in your company can be how these materials are made available to them. Using an online company store to provide easy ordering of marketing materials is a cost-effective and efficient way to support offices across time zones and distances. Employees are able to login and order materials at their convenience, but also within predefined limits. Individual logins can be customized with controlled access including approval rules, reporting, and budgeting while also managing real-time inventory or providing on-demand fulfillment of assets. Inventory is managed smoothly and employees are able to get what they need in-hand quickly and easily. 

Teams that are able to benefit from the self-sufficiency of an online company store can range from traditional in-house departments to remote/virtual office employees. The ability to be self-sufficient in accessing marketing materials can contribute a high degree of satisfaction where previously teams may have been frustrated by not being able to get what they need when they need it. Particularly as companies grow and evolve, it can be logistically challenging to provide for growing individuals or offices using a traditional warehouse approach. Online company stores can easily scale to accommodate change while offering a sense of autonomy that fits with the company’s brand and budget.

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