If you are purchasing branded merchandise for an important event or if the goods are essential for day-to-day operations, it is important to allow sufficient time for production and delivery.

Having an online company store dramatically reduces production time because many steps are removed.  If you have an online company store, the decisions have already been made upfront.  This means that custom branded products can be produced to order on demand in as little as 24-48 hours, although we do prefer to have a little more time.

Without an online company store this process is substantially longer and often catches people off-guard and leads to frustration and disappointment.  Here are the typical steps without an online store:

Browsing product options, requesting a quote and awaiting response.  A purchaser will be inundated with questions that many feel unqualified to answer, one or multiple colors? Number of locations?  What are the PMS colours, vector artwork, size and orientation of the imprint, placement inboard or out-board. Some finally get over these hurdles only to find out that there is no stock for the desired product and the process above starts all over again.

Assuming there is stock, you should expect 24-48 hours for a proof.  The proof approval stage is critical and not as easy as it sounds.  Production time starts after all the above questions have been answered and resolved and a proof has been provided and approved.  Finally, when an order is approved, production time may be 3-10 business days for most items.  Don’t forget to allow ample shipping/transit time.  Without an online store, we recommend 10-15 days minimum to complete the process.

No wonder people still show up on tradeshow floors empty handed.  This is an overwhelming process that can be eliminated with an online company store program.

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