How Does an Online Company Store Save You Money?

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Typically the responsibility of providing promotional products across large organizations falls on an already overwhelmed marketing department. 

If this sounds familiar and you are responsible for distributing marketing materials to multiple locations or remote employees on a regular basis, but don’t have a solid standard operating procedure (SOP) in place to manage that process, it could present a number of different challenges.  An online company store not only simplifies the system but will save your company money.

Challenges of Not Having a Centralized Purchasing System for Sales and Marketing Materials

  • Merchandise and printed materials are produced off-brand.
  • Marketing departments spend more time sourcing vendors, choosing product and fulfilling orders than doing actual marketing.
  • Costs are impossible to control.

An online company store program helps save money and puts an end to all of those nasty challenges of an unorganized system.

Learn From Company X’s Experience

A global talent company, let’s call them Company X, regularly orders printed materials and company branded merchandise in over 100 office locations around the world. Because they usually place orders per individual office, they order small quantities and rarely receive volume discounts.

The average time for a single employee to go through the particular steps associated with the sourcing and purchasing of branded merchandise can be as a high as 15 hours per each individual order. Add a second or third employee to the ordering process and you could be looking at more than $1,000 wasted on just placing a single order. Now multiply that by 100 locations and you’re looking at a BIG problem.

If Company X had an online company store program, they would be able to place an order for already approved merchandise in a fraction of the time. Company X would also receive significant volume discounts based on total annual volume as opposed to individual smaller orders.

How to Avoid Millions of Dollars in Waste

Ever wonder what happens to all those misprinted t-shirts and hats boasting a win of the team that loses the Stanley Cup? Well, what about all that corporate merchandise that’s printed with a typo, an outdated logo, or turns out to be an inadequate, low-quality product?

An online company store completely eliminates waste associated with materials being produced off brand. We see this time and time again where skids of product or entire warehouses full of product are simply thrown away due to obsoleteness.

Materials become outdated faster than they’re used or they were produced incorrectly in the first place. Just think about those mountains of wasted paper, clothing, coffee cups and pens sitting in a landfill somewhere while your company shells out another $100,000 to buy the exact same thing all over again.

Order Branded Items and Promotional Materials with Confidence

An on-demand online company store program saves money because companies no longer need to house boxes upon boxes of inventory purchased up front for volume discount. And, if anything changes in your organization, like your logo or product offering, you don’t have to worry about alerting everyone of the new “art file” in order to prevent a mountain of wasted, obsolete product.

The best online company store solutions also include user-based permissions and approval roles to completely eliminate unauthorized spending and maintain complete control over costs.

How You Can Save Money with an Automated Online Company Store

While getting started with your first online company store may seem like a big step financially, take a look into your current situation to gain insight into all the places money may be slipping through the cracks. You may be losing thousands through constantly sourcing and ordering new product or worse yet, you may be throwing away perfectly good product due to misprints and poor quality.

An online company store not only eliminates these costly mistakes, but also streamlines the entire ordering process to maintain brand consistency around the globe. Ordering the right product in the quantities you need, right when you need them also eliminates the space needed for storing marketing and sales materials and the hefty planning involved in placing large orders.

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