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Is an Online Company
Store Right for Your

If you answered yes to two or more questions, we highly recommend you consider an online company store.

Below are the Top 10 Reasons why you should consider an online store:

# 10 Ensure Merchandise Quality – “Well-meaning team members may put price before anything else and purchase products that well are off brand in terms of quality. Not exactly making the best impression”.

# 9 Ensure Branding Accuracy – Not all employees are aware of branding guidelines and this can lead to expensive errors. “Branding bloopers” include using outdated versions of the logo, incorrect colour, poor placement and size.

# 8 Maintain Consistent Branding Quality – Not all decorators are equal. Poor equipment or variances caused by using multiple vendors and several different art files, leads to inconsistency in sew outs and imprints.

# 7 Reduce Costs and Inefficiencies – Receive discounts based on total annual spend as opposed to transactional ordering ad-hoc. Remove the burden of order management. Eliminates back and forth calls, emails and in-person chats on each order. How many of each shirt, hat and pen as well as what colour and size can all be streamlined through the site.

# 6 Ensure Stock Availability and Quick Distribution of Promotional Products – Warehouse and fulfillment programs are available for time critical gear such as uniforms, business forms and contracts.

# 5 Permission-Based Access and Approval Rules – You decide who has access with permission based login. Need an extra layer? No problem we can build in approval rules. Customer Groups controls who sees what.

# 4 Flexible Payment Methods – Secure credit card processing, purchase orders, on account, budgets and store cards for greater control.

# 3 Serve All Time Zones and Languages Equally – Sourcing products locally for global locations. We won’t ship products across borders unless we have to. Saving duties, taxes and border delays.

# 2 – eStore operates 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.

# 1 Save money and Guarantee Product Quality – Optimizes employees time by automating the sourcing and purchasing of promotional merchandise. Product quality is guaranteed with product pre-approval during the implementation phase.

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