What is the Best Way to Manage Your Online Company Store?

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So, you’re thinking about launching an online company store program to manage promotional products. You’ve decided it’s definitely time to establish a solid process to manage the sourcing and distribution of sales and marketing materials for your company. You need to maintain control of your brand and manage the costs involved with purchasing promotional products across the organization.  Well done!  This is the first step towards improvement.

A permission based, simplified system with 24/7 access, custom company e-store full of pre-approved branded merchandise sounds like a dream, but with your team spread so thin already, you don’t know how you’ll possibly have the time or resources to manage a program like this. Choosing an online store provider wisely can make all the difference.  Consider a partner that will provide the support needed to manage the  program.

Tasks Required for Maintaining Your Online Company Store

  • Regularly add new product to make sure the store stays fresh
  • Add and delete employee and partner accounts as they join and leave the company
  • Follow up on orders and troubleshoot issues

Leveraging Your Automated Online Company Store Solution

There’s no doubt that an online company store program requires a significant amount of time and energy, so how do you implement one without hiring new employees or sacrificing another area of the business?

Here’s where the real beauty of an online company store comes in! Once your store is built, the ordering process itself is largely automated, meaning you don’t need to hire a new team to manage this program.

Easy access to automated ordering will empower your employees and partners to get the things they need right when they need it without having to bother other teams or go through approval systems. Say good-bye to unauthorized purchasing, inconsistent branding practices and wasted obsolete promotional products stacked high in storage rooms.  Our custom online stores with an on-demand OR a warehouse option will protect your brand and your bottom line.

Lean on Your Online Company Store Program Partner

Any online company store provider will help you get a custom functioning store built and running, but a great provider will also give you access to an account management team who will help you manage the day-to-day operations of the program.

Your Account Manager Can Help With:

  • Placing, changing and tracking orders
  • Managing user lists and password changes
  • Adding new product to your store
  • Researching and sourcing the best new products
  • Analyzing data and making strategic adjustments

Your account management team will really help you manage the daily tasks of your online company store and be as involved as you’d like them to be, thereby becoming an extension of your team.

The Case for Outsourcing Online Company Store Management

An Online Company Store will help manage your brand while you provide critical support for your employees and partners who depend on marketing materials and branded products to be successful in their jobs.   All these benefits AND you still win in controlling your overall costs.

While there are many solutions out there, an automated system with a dedicated account management team make for smooth sailing. After all, online company stores are what our account teams do best! Why not let them manage the nitty gritty of your program so you can get back to being brilliant?

Still not sure how an online company store will benefit you and your organization?

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