A company with multiple locations (nationally or internationally) faces unique challenges in managing its marketing materials. Smaller companies may benefit from having a central, on-site location (or a go-to marketing person) to assemble promotional products or collateral. But offices separated by distance (and time zones) have to coordinate their efforts and balance time, money, and branding.  For many this begs the question, “how can I distribute marketing materials globally?”

This challenge is not just in aligning trustworthy vendors to produce marketing materials, but also in ensuring that the corporate brand is represented consistently. Marketing staff can often get inundated with requests to provide assets that could be easily made available, and this “admin” support risks distracting them from more valuable work. An online company store can help to consolidate the efforts of regional offices (and minimize the time required to fulfill their requests) by offering an efficient way to order pre-approved resources – even on-demand!


Having a centralized e-store can help your team by taking the guesswork out of research and logistics. Rather than worry about finding a local vendor, sourcing estimates, supplying artwork, and crossing fingers for timely delivery, an online company store can streamline production using on-demand technology that delivers straight to your door. As part of the massive Proforma network, our online company stores can fulfill orders internationally by leveraging our extensive network to bypass shipping across major distances. You can get your resources in-hand faster through the closest fulfillment centre, and handle last minute requests without worrying about “how” to get it done.


Time is money, but money is also money – and it’s something to always save. Leveraging Proforma’s international capabilities and significant buying power, we are able to find the most cost-effective solution through our network. We serve many international clients as the single source for all their marketing needs, which helps streamline our client’s budgeting and accounting as they deal with just one partner. Our production takes into account things like foreign exchange, helping to safeguard our customers against fluctuations or inefficiencies (often a major headache when regional offices try to “go it alone” and get surprised with vastly different invoices). And rather than deal with the surcharges of last minute, rush jobs, an online company store keeps materials available to staff 24/7, allowing them to anticipate needs and order at their convenience.


When it comes to design and production, always trust the professionals. Producing your marketing materials through multiple, unconnected vendors can result in major inconsistencies – from different shades of colours to totally different quality of materials – and this can translate in to something “brand damaging.”   Even top brands make mistakes sometimes, check out 5 of the worst Marketing Fails of 2015

We know our customer’s brand inside out, and help protect their assets through our network’s proven consistency in production. Branding is what helps your customers recognize and connect with you, so don’t leave anything to chance. Our customers have shown us the “same” materials produced by multiple vendors or from various locations, but turning out drastically different. Regional offices often feel a sense of desperation or frustration, and try to adapt or create their own materials, but perhaps without understating the corporate brand guideline. Our keen eye for detail and experienced partners ensure that you can get your team the same thing, regardless of where they’re located.

Processing projects through a single source provides obvious efficiencies in saving time and money, but also in receiving consistent, high-quality materials. Explore how an online company store can be an extension of your marketing department, and how our international capabilities can help bring your ideas to life – anywhere.

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