Turn-Key On-Demand Fulfillment
Anytime, Everywhere.

Proforma SI For Total Control And Customization

Near and Far Distribution Solved

Custom online company stores provide your entire team – wherever they are and whenever they need it.  24/7 access to all approved corporate marketing assets.  Sales collateral to presentations; branded apparel to uniforms; recognition awards and gifts, On-Demand. Ensuring consistency across all markets, products and applications controls and protects your brand, satisfying customers, employees, distributors, and dealer networks. “Empower Teams But Stay In Control With Online Company Stores”.

Built for You, Not Our Convenience

On-Demand, Fulfillment & Distribution – or Both

Things have changed dramatically since the days when you had to invest in inventory upfront and manage a warehouse/fulfillment program with high material and labor costs. Our On-Demand options are smart, virtually turn-key solutions without inventory or upfront investment requirements. Now order exactly what you need, when you need it, 24/7 with rapid delivery.

If you prefer, we’re happy to manage an inventory/fulfillment/distribution program for you. But with next-day shipping, custom kitting and packaging, and permissions and accounting controls easily customized for user-groups, you may not want or need to. Proforma SI Company Stores: Do it your way, on your terms, with reduced costs, saving time and controlling your brand.

Proforma SI Solves Big Challenges

Reducing Costs with a Simplified Process

Warehousing Eliminated

No more inventory, and no need to purchase and store printed products,  brochures, labels packaging, promotional, apparel, uniforms, employee incentives, awards, banners, trade show booths, promo giveaways and more.

Simplified and Streamlined

Our On-Demand program provides vendor consolidation and management,  diversified product offerings and eliminates inventory management.

Brand and Cost Control

Managing multiple vendors is no longer a direct cost and warehousing and fulfillment no longer a management and balance sheet problem child.

Vendor Consolidation

With everything under one roof, fewer vendors, more simplicity.

Centralized Purchasing

Replace costly local buys with volume purchasing and volume savings.

Variable Product Options

Customized and Personalized for Each Location.

Get the Conversation Started!

Order On-Demand.

Get Volume Discounts.

Your people and teams have easy access, everyone saves time, and you’re ensured consistency. Save big money by putting an end to wasted, obsolete, outdated materials, say goodbye to inventories and warehousing, and GAIN control of costs with permission-based login and approval.  Support  your internal teams by giving them what they need when they need it, wherever they are, efficiently, cost-effectively and without ever lifting a finger.

How the Proforma SI Platform Works

A consistent and brand compliant presence on all promotional materials throughout the entire organization, regardless of location. Pre-approved means you have peace of mind knowing that quality and brand standards are met everywhere and all the time.  It also means that you will spend less time reinventing the promotional wheel, sourcing and processing orders.  A streamlined and simplified process means increased ROI without the headaches. Read “5 Signs Your Company Needs An Online Company Store” to find out if it’s the right solution for you.

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