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Your Team Gets Exactly What They Need. You Save Time and Money

An online company store provides a vehicle to manage and control brand standards on all promotional merchandise and marketing collateral.  ProformaSI’s company store software provides a solution for organizations with multiple locations, manufacturers who sell company merchandise through distribution channels or companies with global needs.

Our Proforma SI platform provides permission based access to order and obtain pre-approved marketing collateral giving you complete control of your brand.

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Proforma SI Solves Challenges with Online Stores

Reducing Costs with Customized Company Store Software

Warehousing Eliminated

Say good-bye to storing branded merchandise.  On-Demand programs with fast turn around have replaced warehousing and fulfillment.

Simplified and Streamlined

Empower your teams to order the marketing tools and branded merchandise they need 24/7 with a simple permission based platform.

Brand and Cost Control

Protect your brand and control costs by offering pre-approved products, decoration and program pricing.

Vendor Consolidation

With everything under one roof, fewer vendors, more simplicity.

Centralized Purchasing

Replace costly local buys with volume purchasing and volume savings.

On Demand Volume Discounts

Volume discounts based on annual purchasing, not individual order size.

End Organizational Branding Challenges

Everyone Benefits from a Smarter Online Store Solution

Easy, Simplified And Efficient
Transform executive gifts, incentive-rewards programs and meeting-event hosting from frustrating time-wasters into streamlined, efficient and controlled branding success.
The Tools To Produce More
From sales brochures to apparel, company merchandise to promotional products, 24/7 access for everyone, ensuring they all have what they need to increase sales.
Streamlined And Accessible
No longer overwhelmed by the sea of collateral and products for new hires, safety, health, wellness and recognition programs – now it’s simplified and easy.
Easily And Without Headaches
24/7 access to apparel, promotional and printed products to support initiatives for quality, safety, performance improvement and more, simply and cost-effectively.

Take a Test-Drive

See for yourself how Proforma SI works,  then imagine how you can streamline and simplify distribution of all marketing collateral across your branch and dealer network.  Provide easy access to branded merchandise for events, uniform programs and more.

You’ll empower your teams without losing control, with higher quality at lower cost, in less time and without headaches.

Online Stores by the Numbers


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Here’s what

Customers say

  • The online store streamlines an integrated workflow approval process that helps department managers control expenses.

  • Our online store controls inventory costs. Proforma SI’s quick turnaround time on all the items purchased through the store makes ordering simple, efficient, seamless.

    Cooper Equipment Rentals
  • It gives me great pleasure to recommend Proforma SI.  Highly regarded for professionalism, promptness and excellent customer experience.

    Clean River
  • Our Proforma online store gives us the ability to offer our sales teams a full range of high quality products while still having the control to maintain brand consistency through approved artwork and product selection.

  • Proforma SI offers an uncomplicated engagement model with a dedicated support team that catered to all of our service needs.

    Purolator Courier
  • I recommend Proforma SI for their creativity, on-time delivery on commitments, flexibility and value.

    Lafarge Canada
  • The Proforma SI team of professionals truly know the meaning of customer service!  If any user has an issue with an order they’ve placed, they can deal directly with our Proforma  SI account team.

  • Having pre-approved products available for our staff to purchase on-line empowers our staff to make purchasing decisions but at the same time protects our brand integrity and ensures everything purchased is of the highest quality.

    Cooper Equipment Rentals
  • Our online store is very efficient for me and it continually strengthens buy-in for the program for our entire company.


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