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Online Company Stores

For Total Control of Your Brand

What Is An Online Company Store?

An online company store is a custom software solution, that is built to provide easy access to pre-approved marketing materials and branded merchandise.  Regardless of geography or time zones, employees and/or partners can get the things they need when they need it..

Our Proforma SI platform provides permission based access to order and obtain pre-approved marketing collateral giving you complete control of your brand.

Save Money

Reduce procurement time and eliminate rogue spending.  Our permission-based approvals means no more costly errors.  Vendor consolidation and centralized purchasing based on annual spend positively impacts the bottom line.

Control Brand

All quality products are selected and pre-approved by your team.  Decoration of each product is determined and set according to brand guidelines.  Colours, placement and size is always the same.  Consistency means stronger brands.

Simplify & Streamline

Empower teams to order the marketing tools they need 24/7 with a simple permission based platform.  Uniforms, corporate apparel, sales collateral and customer give-aways are only a few clicks away.

How Does It Work?

We Understand that One Size, Doesn’t fit all!

We work with you to determine the best fit for your program.  Warehouse & Fulfillment, On-demand, or a combination of the two.

Online company stores

Warehouse & Fullfillment

Online company stores

A perfect solution for time critical gear such as uniforms, safety wear, printed forms and contracts.  

Inventory updates, returns and automatic re-order points are just a few of the benefits of a stocking program.

On-Demand Program

online company stores

An on-demand program eliminates the risk and the upfront investment of purchasing inventory. 

Products are made to order which also eliminates waste associated with obsolete products.

online company stores
employee rewards and recognition

Rewards & Recognition

employee rewards and recognition

When it comes to incentivizing employees to work harder, produce more and be happy while they do it comes down to one thing.


Adequately motivating them to act in a particular way. What can be so hard about that?

Online Stores

Monthly Orders

Countries Served

Online Company Stores

To Manage ALL of Your Programs

Online Company stores replace forms in uniform programs. 

Our Online Company stores provide 24/7 permission-based access to:

  • Corporate Apparel
  • Sales Tools
  • On-Boarding Kits

Our Online Company stores allow you seamless management of:

  • Awards
  • Rewards
  • Recognition Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains additional features and functionality possible with our platform.  A host of customized options to meet our client’s requirements.

What is an online Company Store?

An online company store is a custom e-store built to provide easy access to all approved employees and/or partners to your company’s branded merchandise. Think uniform and rewards and recognition programs.

Once our store is built, do we have to manage it on our own?

Not at all, we build and manage the entire program. After the launch of your store a dedicated team will be available to assist with orders, product refresh, reporting and whatever else you need.

Is there a limit to the number of products on our store?

There is no limit to the number of products on your online Company store. 

What types of products can we put on our online company store?

You can have as many categories as you need. Uniforms & corporate apparel, conference and tradeshow materials, rewards and recognition. All branded merchandise! Printed materials like business cards and custom kits.

What language options are available?

As a Canadian Company, both English and French are built into the platform.  Other languages are available upon request.

What currency do the stores operate with?

Our platform has CAD and USD built into it. Other currencies are available upon request.

What is the operating system used and who manages our online store?

Our platform is ReST enabled.  All our online company stores are maintained and managed by a dedicated account manager to serve your employees

What payment methods are available?

We offer a full range of payment options, credit card, purchase order, cost centre, budgets & store cards.  You may include any or all into your program. 

Our employees have a clothing allowance. Can the store track this type of program?

Yes it sure can!  We have several ‘add-on’ modules to handle employee allowance, department cost centres and budgets.

Is it possible to track our spend?

Absolutely!  There are several reports to choose from.  Our clients are able to track what is being ordered and by whom.  Depending on what you want to know we can help set it up for you.  Reporting access can be assigned to designated people in the organization.

How does it work? What are next steps?

We have developed a quick discovery call to determine if an online company store is the right fit for your organization. We show you a few live stores that demonstrate the cool feature options available. This leads us to deep dive where we uncover all the technical, financial and practical requirements to build your store.

Is an online company store the right fit for your organization?

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