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BrandingEffective branding can result in higher sales.  Not only of one product but of other products associated by the same brand.  In some cases, consumers will buy the ‘brand” instead of the product.

Brand awareness is a customers’ ability to recall and recognize the brand, the logo and the advertisements.  It is of critical importance in competitive situations.  Customers do not want to go with an unknown brand.

For most companies the goal is to have “Top-of-Mind” awareness.  An example of Top-Of-Mind awareness is when a brand pops into your mind when asked to name brands in a product category.  For example if you are asked to name a bandage, the common response is bandaid.

At the heart of every brand identity are visual elements to create distinction.  Fonts, colors and graphic parts that make up a logo.  Taglines and slogans are other highly effective ways to obtain recognition.  For example,  American Express – Don’t leave home without it.  Or Wendy’s ‘where’s the beef’.

Effective visual brand identity is accomplished through consistent use of these components.

How can brand managers control the brands image and the consistency that is critical to maintain integrity?

Especially large global corporations with multiple locations, brand managers at the national head quarters are feeling pressured to maintain brand consistency across the entire organization.  At the same time, local teams are frustrated that they do not have access to customized materials essential to their success.  Often although not permitted, they will try to solve this on their own putting the company’s brand at risk.

It  becomes even more challenging if your brand sells your products or services through other channels.   For example an organization that relies on agents, distributors or branch networks.  They are often using out of date information, incorrect logos and off-brand messaging if they do not have the proper content when they need it.

Whether your goal is to strengthen your brand or create brand awareness, our 30+ years experience comes together to help brands successfully manage this discord.

Proforma SI provides award winning brand management solutions that are delivered through an eCommerce platform.  When planning an on-line company store there are many things that will need to be considered to ensure the right fit.

  • What is the best solution for your company?
  • On demand or inventory/fulfillment?
  • What products will be included?
  • What is the product criteria?
  • Who will have access to the store?
  • Payment methods and reporting needs?
  • Who will own the inventory?

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