Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) was facing a challenge that many other colleges and universities across the country face. On average, only three of 10 freshmen were completing their degree requirements within four years at public universities in Indiana. The majority were taking six or more years which increased their student loan debt substantially. On a search to find a way to encourage students to complete their degrees in four years, the university contacted Proforma for help.


Proforma proposed a countdown clock that would last for four years and consistently remind students the clock is ticking towards graduation. Even within a tight budget, Proforma found a clock that had a battery life of five years and was programmed with an alarm to sound at 10:00 AM the morning of graduation.


The university was pleased with the finished products which were very well received by the students. The clocks generated so much attention they were featured in the Indianapolis Star and on the local PBS radio station for their unique ability to keep the students on track for an on time graduation.





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