Promotional Merchandise

The corporate merchandise you choose will become the perception of your brand.

We Improve Branding

with Customized Merchandise

Send the message that you appreciate value.  Show your customer that they are appreciated with high quality company branded items and promotional merchandise. The task of choosing branded promotional items is tough – there are plenty of choices and decisions to make, and certainly costs are a factor.  However, if you’re trying to get the most out of your promotional items, why not put more into them?  Ensure that your branded promotional products survive and thrive, enhance your brand reputation.  The correlation is proven, and the results will be long-lasting.  ProformaSI can help you build a custom promotional merchandise program, high quality promotional goods and ordering tools that make a consistent and emotional connection to your brand.

Why Proforma SI?

Not just full branded promo merchandise, but total program management

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ProformaSI solves merchandise product program challenges, especially for widely dispersed organizations.

Upfront Investment

Meeting and satisfying the needs of the organization as a whole, requires huge upfront investment.  Minimum order size and multiple product categories for merchandise items can quickly add up.

Merchandise Inventory

Storing and Managing inventory of promotional merchandise is difficult and uncontrolled for most companies. A hit to the bottom line.

Rogue Employees

Teams take matters into their own hands and source low quality promotional merchandise without approval.  Leads to compromised brand integrity and uncontrolled costs.

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