Rewards & Recognition Programs.

Employee appreciation has the greatest influence on job happiness.

We Improve Employee Engagement

Recognize, incentivize and train employees with Proforma SI. Our customizable software offers:

  • Gamification to encourage friendly competition among your team

  • Badges and social sharing for amplified recognition

  • Quizzes and videos for more engaged training

  • A merchandise mall for incentivizing and rewarding employees

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  • people cart
  • Proforma’s rewards and recognition software makes it easy to engage employees and build a culture of recognition.
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Motivate employees to demonstrate specific behaviours that support company core values and objectives with our recognition platform




  • Wall of Fame

  • Nomination Awards

  • Peer-to-Peer recognition

  • Leaderboards

  • Redemption

  • Report



  • Recognition Track PLUS

  • Surveys, Polls, Contests

  • Idea Zone

  • Collaboration People Buzz

  • KPI Gamification

  • Dashboard



  • Program Development

  • Setup & Implementation

  • Program Launch

  • Analytics & monitoring

  • Monthly Support

  • Proforma SI offers an uncomplicated engagement model with a dedicated support team that catered to all of our service needs.

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What Is An Employee Rewards And Recognition Program?


The foundation of any rewards and recognition program is the universal human desire to be appreciated and acknowledged for a job well done.  


While positive reinforcement has always been present and valued in the workplace, we are now finding that a more systematic and consistent approach to staff appreciation is most effective.

A well integrated rewards and recognition program, tied directly to company goals and values, can boost engagement, productivity and morale company-wide.


We know that when employees are recognized for their work, they are better motivated, happier on the job and more likely to succeed.


A strategically planned and well implemented rewards and recognition program will do just that—consistently and publicly acknowledge your team’s hard work, sparking a positive impulse that has the ability to touch every part of your business.


The effectiveness of employee recognition is well documented, with many of the world’s most successful organizations utilizing some kind of rewards and recognition program.


As more is learned about the company-wide benefits of employee rewards and recognition, more organizations are implementing programs of their own, cultivating nourishing environments for employees. If your company is looking to better engage, motivate and retain current employees, as well as attract top candidates to new openings, a rewards and recognition program is the best solution.


While simply having a rewards and recognition program is a great step toward improving staff performance and morale, focusing on a few key elements can help ensure your program is a winning one.  


  Among the strategies proven to be most effective are: aligning your recognition program to company goals and values; integrating the program into the daily working lives of your employees;  recognizing and rewarding on the spot; and continually improving your program to fit the needs of your unique employees.  Having a flexible and customizable rewards and recognition software at your disposal gives your program a great advantage and makes the job of acknowledging staff fun and easy for all.


Why Proforma SI?

One Simple Solution for all Your Rewards and Recognition Program Needs

Configurable Software

Power multiple employee recognition programs and incentive initiatives seamlessly on one platform, including recognition, sales incentives, and training

Program Management

Our dedicated team helps you build and run your program so you don’t have to

Custom Software Development

Our developers build, configure and customize to your specific needs and will maintain your recognition program website

Quality Assurance

We won’t launch your rewards program until it has been thoroughly tested by our QA team who ensures all functionality is working to your specifications


Training and user manuals are provided for the ‘do-it-yourselfer’ or choose the monthly support package that suits you best

On-going Support

You will have a dedicated client success team and a single point of contact for the life of your program

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