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Succeeding With Sales Videos can Increase Website Conversions

The use of videos on a landing page is more than just providing a compelling way to tell a story about your company.

Did you know that multimedia can increase website conversions by 86%?(Optimind Technology)

But what makes a successful video?

Here are three key things to nail before putting your Steven Spielberg hat on.

1.  What are the goals of the sales videos and what is the motivation for watching it?  

Put yourself in the position of your audience – would you actually care to know lengthy details of a company’s growth, decades of milestones, or extensive internal successes? Probably not.

So what would be something that your customers would want to know?  And how will you tell them?  For example:

  • FAQs can help educate prospects about your product and services.
  • A product demo can help new customers troubleshoot.
  • A bio of the company’s roots and leadership can instil trust.

2.  Focus in on the audience that matters.

A sales video should never intend to speak to “everyone” – it should focus in on primary (and potentially secondary) audiences that will find the content relevant.  Rather than worry about trying to make something so general that it can speak to anyone, think about the specific audience you are trying to serve and tailor your approach to them and them alone.  Click here for our Buyer Persona Worksheet.

With that in mind, also consider how this specific audience will come to view your killer video.  Where will the video live, how will they access it, and what should their call-to-action be after they see it?

3.  Stay true to your message.

Pick your approach and stay true to your original goals and ideas.  Once you start crafting a video project, it can be easy to bend and sway to input from others or get tempted to widen your lens (no pun intended).  Working with a trusted partner or agency can help to minimize this and keep you on track so you don’t deviate from your concept.

Whether you choose a live action or animated, emotional or informational, low-tempo or upbeat, carefully plan your intentions and stick to them.

There is no “one size fits all” approach to video.  But producing one that succeeds in meeting the three points above helps to ensure video can increase your website conversions in a thoughtful, inspiring way.

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