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Promotional products have long been a part of a marketer’s toolbox, but their potential is often unreached due to tight deadlines, budget-allocation, and inconsistent branding. Yet, this untapped goldmine of brand recognition and marketing qualified leads (MQLs) holds the ability to improve customer acquisition rates at scale for businesses of all sorts and sizes. However, the reality is, your marketing department is busy, and you don’t have the time to find high-quality, unique, and timeless promotional products for every occasion. That is why online company stores exist, to save you time and money while unlocking the business value associated with promotional product marketing.

Innovative marketing solutions for Branded Products :  Online Company Stores

An online company store, or a Company e-store, is a custom online storefront designed to help businesses manage the increasing responsibilities of the marketing department. It enables leaders to set brand guidelines, select a range of products, and set a budget, with which employees can select high-quality branded products from, whether for a sales event or a gift of appreciation for a long-time customer. This platform offers total control, removing the potential for rogue spenders, careless selection, or improper branding. In other words, online company stores near-automate the promotional marketing role while ensuring your brand is represented right. 

Business owners can choose what will be sold in the company e-store. For example, popular choices include:

  • Marketing materials, including promotional items
  • Service awards
  • New hire and recruiting kits
  • Corporate apparel and uniforms
  • Employee recognition prizes

Optimizing your team’s resources

An online company store will create an easy manner by which employees can engage with your business’ brand -whether to give promotional products to prospective clients or to rep the brand themselves. No longer will you need to struggle with:

  1. Order fulfillment;
  2. Systematic-delays;
  3. Overspending;
  4. Low-quality products; or
  5. Old and incorrect branding

In fact, because online company stores only need to be established once, and updated as desired, this tool will equip your team to save time while unlocking the benefits of promotional products –the most enduring marketing tools to garner brand awareness and leads.

The process is simple, and your team shouldn’t spend more than 2-3 hours. Watch our President walk you through it in our “How to Set Up Your Online Company Store” video. https://youtu.be/VQUZpvjPmFo

In setting up a program like this, your business will gain access to a centralized distribution system and eliminate the need to house physical inventory. Branded merchandise will always be available for on-demand delivery with the guarantee of consistent branding — Yes, that does mean no more potential for old logos, incorrect colours, and worse yet, outdated straplines… this solution is a marketer’s dream come true!

Additionally, you can maintain the mark of quality required in promotional product marketing, without allocating the time necessary for a department-based search for trusted options, because you will only be connected with the best suppliers.

This means that after establishing your online store, your team can put more time into other marketing projects, like listening to market needs, tracking trends, and monitoring the competition. Investing in this solution will unlock your potential.

Saving time, saving money, bolstering your brand with Promotional Marketing 

The consistent quality of marketing campaigns is the mark of good branding, but this requires the complete control of outgoing products. Doing so is impossible today if it requires business leaders to review and approve every single piece of merchandise that is selected by workers. With an online company store, you only need to do it once.

These stores have a legacy of success and are well suited to meet the needs of business models ranging from large corporations to small businesses because the technology is adaptable, customizable, and easy to incorporate into the standard operating procedures of existing institutional frameworks. For example, in implementing the program in a Fortune 500 company, the business quickly saw hundreds of thousands in saving.

The storefront served over 40,000 users from more than 5,000 locations globally. Across their locations, as many as 3,000 orders were processed a month. Through the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) associated with a company store, this business quickly saved more than $300,000 annually on invoice processing costs alone. Additionally, in switching to an on-demand program, $250,000 in inventory costs were also eliminated.

Beyond the money, the biggest impact of an online company store is the reduction of time spent on promotional products. With an eCompany store, marketers can focus on their core responsibilities and your brand can be bolstered in a truly multi-dimensional approach. Picture promotional products, project management, social media, innovation, print ads, and conferences all occurring simultaneously. We create online company stores to help your team do what they are best at and to help you unlock your potential.

An online company store is the solution to minimize manual administration and achieve consistency in marketing efforts. Moreover, with access to high-quality, trusted suppliers and control over branding and budget, an eCompany store will empower your team with the ability to regain focus on their core roles and achieve increased return on marketing activity and engagement strategies.

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