True or False? Myths of Promo Products

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True or False? Myths of Promo Products

pens_used_3_4_times_dailyWe have all received promotional merchandise from companies.  But when it comes to deciding what to purchase for your own company, there are plenty of myths of promo products that need to be debunked.

If you look around your desk, chances are you have a promo product within arm’s reach: a calendar, a pen, a coffee tumbler full of bold brew.  Some of the promo products you have received may have also been tossed, re-gifted, or stolen by Johnny in the cubicle down the hall.

But of those that remain, what are some of the attributes that make a good promotional product?

Myth: All promo products end up in the trash.

True or False:  FALSE!

A big, resounding “false” to this one!  According to a British study, 87% of respondents said that they kept a promotional product for a year or longer (while 30% kept a promo product for 4+ years!).  Of course, the better and more enjoyable the item, the more likely that the recipient will want to keep it!

Myth: People are unlikely to want to sport a company brand on their merchandise or clothing.

True or False: Both.

People won’t ever sport a company’s logo if, of course, they dislike the company.

However, when a company produces good quality, thoughtful promotional materials for their clients and customers, the likelihood of your item being used (and promoted) exponentially increases.

Take, for example, the decision to manufacture a promotional product with an unbranded, inexpensive polo shirt versus a branded label, quality fabric polo shirt.

Your product may get extra wear simply because it is Nike/Adidas/Reebok associated, and that should be considered when assessing who the end recipient will be.

Are you giving this clothing item to thank your VIP customers? Are your employees going to feel pride wearing the gift of cool thermal fleece hoodie?

Will someone new to your company brand associate you with “inexpensive” quality? Think about how a recipient of this polo may react to the look and feel of the shirt itself.

Mens_shirtsMyth: The most used items are techie things.

True or False: True

The same study identified that the most used items were #1 – USB sticks, and #2 electrical items. Whether it’s a mini USB drive, keychain flashlight, reading light, or calculators, the sky is the limit when it comes to customizing practical items that can be easily used at the office or at home.

The next most popular items also fall in to this “useful” category – pens and mugs. Mug, in particular, can be kept upwards of 4 years, so make sure it is dishwasher durable and going to last the user a long time.

Myth: No one wants extra “stuff.”

True or False: False

Gifting corporate products (whether to clients, staff, or prospects) remains an effective way to build presence, recognition, and trust with your recipients.

Perhaps it is a holiday “thank you” or a commemorative piece marking a company milestone. Regardless of the occasion, be sure to use this gifting moment to communicate your appreciation and purpose so that the person understands and connects with your gesture.

To get the most out of your next promotional campaign start by selecting practical useful items.  Remember quality (it has your name on it) and make sure it captures the intended message, whatever that may be.

The Proforma SI team will help you achieve top-of-mind awareness by creating an emotional connection between products, company and your customers.  We build promotional programs using only the best products with the end goal in mind. It all comes down to Brand Management.

Want to know more fun facts about the power of promotional products?  Meet with our team of professionals and we’ll find the perfect promo product for your next project!




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