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If you’re in a marketing or sales position at your company, chances are you or your team are tasked with  producing and managing marketing materials for employees. Without online company stores this activity soon monopolizes the time and energy of several team members.  We are talking about all the various types of branded products that support sales and operational efforts.  Many companies rely on branded materials as a critical part of operations, uniforms and contracts for example.  Particularly for companies with multiple locations, the logistics of juggling these assets can be complicated – but it doesn’t have to be.

Online company stores…

reduces hassles and inefficiencies by handling requests for marketing materials electronically.  Our custom promotional programs can help you better control your brand, costs, and inventory – here’s how.


Have you ever had a colleague go rogue and create their own collateral or company materials – yet “miss” interpreting the corporate brand identity entirely? Company stores protect your brand by offering only pre-approved materials available for order. We work with our clients to select product offerings that correctly capture their company’s style, such as their colours, logos, fonts or other unique ways the brand is portrayed. Take comfort in the security that only pre-approved materials will go out the door and that your brand will be presented consistently and appropriately.


With rogue employees producing potentially off-brand materials comes the risk of getting surprised by high costs or quality concerns. So when setting up an online company store for our clients, we provide them with pre-production samples to easily get executive sign-off on the exact assets that will be provided online. There are no surprises or guesstimates as the materials approved in-hand are exactly what will be created and made available. Controlled access to the store also helps to manage budgets and employee logins can be customized with built-in approval rules, reporting, and budget/cost centres.


Supporting multiple offices doesn’t have to mean needing to stockpile collateral at your desk. An online company store can manage marketing material inventory by shifting your company to an on-demand system that eliminates inventory, warehousing, and fulfillment – and still gets materials shipped within 24 hours. So if you have an office halfway around the world in a completely different time zone, they can independently access your online company store to order pre-approved materials at the click of a button (and with limits). 

Online company stores help keep companies of all sizes on track and on budget by easily providing pre-approved marketing materials without brick and mortar overhead.  Online Company Stores, is why we get up in the morning.  We have a proven track record of over 700 online company stores managing over 21,000 orders monthly.   Finally, time is money – and on-demand ordering can save you both.

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