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an Option.

Employee Recognition, Online Company Stores and Branded Merchandise


Save Time and Money

We’re marketing veterans, a team of seasoned professionals that since 2008 has produced exceptional work we’re fiercely proud of for clients we like a lot. While recognition of our success helping clients support widely scattered teams is nice, to us it’s more; our opportunity to solve a problem that for many is caused by success. Around the world, large companies struggle with consistent brand management. We respond with industry-best, turn-key company stores. Done right, done better.

We Elevate and Protect Brands

Distributed sales teams spread across a myriad of locations can easily overwhelm administrative and marketing resources, but getting everyone what they need, wherever they are, shouldn’t require reinvention. It’s hard to protect and control your brand when your employees, desperately needing materials, go rogue and do it themselves. No longer. We’ve replaced it with consistency from a streamlined, efficient, cost-effective alternative. Save time, save money and no more headaches.


By Design

We bring rare expertise in promotional products, branded apparel, sales tools and brand management to every job, and then add a No-Exceptions requirement: we empower each client to control their brand with consistent quality and access. Your brand says so much about you, but inconsistency and poor quality sends the wrong message. However well-intended, employees wasting their time purchasing for sales or events distracts them from what they were hired to do, and erodes the bottom line.

Proforma SI.

Why Us?

Our difference is a better, smarter approach you’ll see in the 5-Ps that deliver exceptional service.  Proforma SI has  proven, battle-tested performance. It sets us apart from our competitors and each program is fully custom fitted to bring the most benefit to our clients.

Give your teams easy access to all pre-approved marketing materials, promotional and branded products needed to perform their jobs. Comprehensive, intuitive tools empower clients to control and elevate the brand without confusion, frustration or avoidable higher cost..

01. Our Platform

A Platform to control brand identity and spending.

A secure, permission based order management tool. Empowers teams to order, manage, track, report, and pay for the things they need to be successful.  Reduces administrative strain and frees up time as it enhances the bottom line.

02. Professional Team

Guidance and Support.

Our team of savvy veterans recommend products and solutions that match and complement your marketing strategy. We help develop a meaningful application of resources to increase marketing return on investment.

We have built in smart CRM work flows for easy management.  This means you get what you need, where and when you need it.

03. Purchasing Power

Leverage Ours and Get More for Less.

Proforma SI has over $500 Million dollars of buying clout.  The result is that you get the highest quality at a truly competitive value.

04. Proven Track Record

We Do All the Heavy Lifting.

Our proven process is quick, painless and without hassle.  We’ve built over 700+ thriving stores with an average of 21,000 individual orders monthly.

05. Program Launch with Marketing Support

Promotion and Training.

We’ll craft and launch a 12 Month marketing program for your new store to ensure everyone gets the most out of it.  Not only will your teams will be aware of the new site, but they will understand the benefits and know how to use it.  Promotional campaigns aligned to your organizational goals will protect and deliver consistency in your corporate messaging.

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